Friday , August 12 2022

Metropolitan Education for Women – Diyarbakir News



Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality The Department of Women and Family Services has collaborated with local health authorities to provide education to breast, cervical and colon cancer patients.
Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Women and Family Services Department continues to educate women about their health problems. In the training conducted by Ayşe Bülbül Şemin, a local health officer at the Culture and Convention Center, women are known about breast, cervical and colon cancers, which are frequently encountered throughout the country. Before training, women received leaflets about cancer.
Referring to the cause of cancer and the cause of cancer, Semin instructor said early diagnosis of cancer would increase the likelihood of treatment, promote treatment, and prevent tissue and organ damage. Breast cancer occurs frequently in women, and one in eight women claims that breast cancer is the most effective method of mammography. Breast cancer symptoms are the most important protection in cases such as masses, nipple discharge, breast edema, skin and water scars, nipple withdrawal, nipple removal from neighboring lymph nodes, lactation, alcohol use, regular exercise and monthly self- It is means. Self-diagnosis should be conducted after age 20. Women under 45 years of age are suffering from breast cancer and cervical cancer after lung cancer and have postmenopausal bleeding, unexplained secretions, menstrual bleeding for one month or more and abnormal bleeding. To prevent cervical cancer, women need regular screening and colon cancer in all ages, but they are often observed at age 50. The Family Health Center for bowel cancer and KETEM's stool examination is free of stool tests, and patients with colorectal cancer can do it themselves.
At the end of the training, the women saw a self-diagnostic video with an early diagnosis of breast cancer.

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