Sunday , October 24 2021

Love gloom of age! Flash claim on Ahmet Hakan


Ahmet Hakan, the blame that the bomb fell into a love.

Hurriyet newspaperwriter Ahmet Hakan with Channel D at the magazine Caner Erkin's old wife Asena Atalay was to live in love. Ahmet Hakan and Asena Atalay went on vacation to Barcelona. Please select one of the following labels on & # 39; on the other hand at the same plane at the last minute.

Ahmet Hakan missed the aircraft. Hakan flew alongside his new love on the next aircraft. The evaluations are included in the program Söylemezsem Olmaz of Beyaz TV.

Szymalmezsem Olmaz program manager Bircan Bali has proved that Ahmet Hakan and Asena Atalay love. Honey before Ahmet Hakan and Asena Atalay on the same plane Business Clas sit near side Barcenola known as they went.

Bircan Bali then spoke with a female pilot of the aircraft flags on air and told Ahmet Hakan to miss the plane at the last moment and bought them for the afternoon fleet and flew to their love.

Ahmet Hakan is known as journalist who often visits the agenda with the love he lives with. Ahmet Hakan's favorite names are players Pelin Batu, Zuhal Olcay, Sahnaz Cakiralp, Devin Ozgur Cinar, names like Nehir Erdogan, Elif Dürüst, such as socialite names and Neşe Sapmaz servers such as …

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