Sunday , October 17 2021

LKS residential project of TOK to military housing

TOK, Galatasaray, near Florya Metin Oktay Facilities
and the new reconstruction of the country there were found military homes
plan. When the land is or is a residential area
for education, park, recreation and mosque. Bakrky Municipality: Reconstruction
the plan for the benefit of the public
He asked.

Mehmet Demirkaya News in Florya Enlicky old military
TOK has prepared new plans for the field
He was approved and approved by the Ministry. Part of the country 3
living will be built. A special school, park, recreation
and for the mosque. Air Resources Military Houses Found 34
Thousands of square meters of land were transferred to TOC. Weather forecast
Zoning plans, will be set up for a month to receive objections.

"The plans of BLGENN FUNDS"

Plan change for evaluation of TOK
According to the zoning plan prepared by:

"Physical and gastric adulthood to form a state with the city
Make space, increase the urban standard
urban development and population dynamics, local conditions and needs
in the city, with the city btnyle, nfus balance
Features of a branch of 'e
plan. "


Bakrky Municipality with CHP calculated at TOK's destination planning
Found. TOK has made a plan in relation to the report Bakrky
The objection of the church was also included. Bakrky Municipalities shake

"The plan does not hold a plan in the plan
and plans the nuisance, the plan break
There is a range of art quality. These incomes
evaluate the topic of housing, trade, etc. blgeye nfus
and, in contrast to the plan decisions that will be
the areas of the plan for the benefit of the public
The proposal of the plan should be prepared. "

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