Saturday , January 22 2022

Leave the fruit, eat the headdress, suck the bone


Professor Canan Karatay gave a lecture about kapsamında Sugar is the sweetest poisoning of the Supreme Court of Appeal Hall in the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Heger Hof.

Known cardiologist Canan Karatay, this time in high court breaks the note. Karatay gave a conference to members of # 39; the whole order, & # 39; Do not use bread, sugar, salt, fruit. Head trotting, foot trotting, village garden, village, village, olive oil, pistace, radical, cold pressure and oil and water. Cook the cabbage, citrus mornings, no illness, "he said. Rheumatism, sugar and raffinous tablet that would leave the carat, sugarcane, tough women, say that loading sugar safety on all cells. She claims that the sugar causes diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, depression, Parkinson's disease and cancer, breastfeeding the brain, heals triglycerides, Karatay fort, they say, or if the breed is not sacred, then We do not eat it, you will not eat, your brother will not eat it, and all kinds of fruit will cause triglycerides in the body, not fruit, no worries, you will not get hungry, fruits are also fed baby kids. Stay in raff. Salt. Use crystal rock salt, life long Christ


Canan Karatay said that Ibn Sina had been eager to eat 2 meals a day. 2 meals are sufficient, health is 3 meals. Not the game of 'e sector. Swingings, instead of swimming courses. Rice, peanuts, moeras, chocolates, florists and food st. If you are rusty, you will be like a good, peanut if you eat or peanuts, your life will be longer, he said.

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