Friday , March 5 2021

Last minute statement about the Kovid-19 vaccine of the expert name! Here are the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine …


Suppose that the side effects of faxes are generally classified under two headings as common and rare, Assoc. Dr. Pınar Obakan Yerlikaya, “In general, common side effects for all vaccines include pain, swelling and redness at the injection site, muscle aches, headaches, weakness, fatigue. Rare side effects may develop depending on the type of vaccine. Anaphylaxis ( allergic shock).), a decrease in the number of platelets, referrals and irresponsibility to environmental stimuli.To understand the side effects, especially in phase studies, volunteers are checked for these reactions at certain periods after administration, in comparison with the placebo group, “he said.

It is stated that many research groups have successfully conducted vaccine and medicine studies, Assoc. Dr. Yerlikaya, “Kovid-19 Turkey Platform Faxes and Medicine as a shared virtual conference was that currently in our country nine different conventional and biotechnology vaccine candidates support and continue the work. There are certain breakthroughs to be considered in the development of test kits. “In the process related to Tan molecular biology, graduates of the Department of Genetics and Genetics are actively working. With the dedication of individuals, strategic continuation of the vaccination processes and the efforts of scientists, this process can be overcome as soon as possible,” he concluded .

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