Thursday , January 20 2022

LAST MINUTE! Galatasaray president Mustafa Cengiz: TFF must end up with all the boards


After the match of Konyaspor TFF and the divorce rights has a great response on Galatasaray in critical hours … Galatasaray Sports Club Board of Directors, at 14:00, collected extraordinary. After the meeting, Galatasaray president Mustafa Cengiz made a statement. Cengiz, Fırat Aydınus, Halis Özkahya, and Hüseyin Göçek have to offset the arbitration. " The TFF should end up with all boards, "he said.

Galatasaray president Mustafa Cengiz's expenditure is as follows:

"Our supporters have been abducted for our supporters, we have included our expectations of peace and friendship in Turkish sports since the day we have taken our duty, this unjust approach did not see the money he deserved.

Since the Super Cup match in Turkey began execution of the YES injustices were made clear to Galatasaray regularly. What's the purpose? The second item on VAR is open, the archbishop should not be fired, it must do the VAR control. What does the significance for 10 thousand viewers mean without fear that the ice decision that no one can accept? The error is not intensive. 87 minutes into the game, the player did not go in flight, Eidat Aydinus did not have to see VAR. We want VAR recordings, we could not get a card. Galatasaray – Konyaspor match in 88 minutes was decided YES. The referee did not stop to see the pubby. I spoke with the headset for 4 minutes. He is not back from his decision. Given replay that was not a penalty.

Honesty requires transparency. Unfortunately, they did not find their compensation. We expect VAR to be immediately known. If this is not done, action is lost by FIFA. FIrfan Aydınus, Halis Özkahya and Hüseyin Göçek should immediately depart. The TFF, which reliability is discussed, is the head of this situation. Why are football league documents saved? This federation has sold the National Team to the third league. TFF, which decisions are discussed, has changed in an ill-fated organization. TFF should decline with all boards. Our community must be alert to the provocations. We do not go back. There is no other Galatasaray.



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