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Last minute | Disposals and allowances have been established

Some fees and allowances were calculated in the rate of reorganization determined by the Treasury and Finance Ministry for 2019 as 23.73 percent.

The communications related to the problem were published in & # 39; repeated repetition of & # 39; an official Gazette of tomorrow.

According to the General Meeting of Inheritance and Gift Tax Law, at & quot; year, including the deposit, 250 thousand 125 pounds & # 39; the heritage parts that flee each from his furt and his wife, 5 thousand 760 pounds into & # 39; a case of impatient incentives, bounces and sweepstakes organized by money and desire and chances of play Disposals, funds and accommodations within the law are governed by the & # 39; a chance that won in jackpot games is considered to be 5,000 760 pounds.

According to the stamp duty communication communication, the top limit for stamp duty of each paper was 2 million 642 thousands of 810 TL. Place tax on & # 39; annual income tax returns 72.70 pounds, in & # 39; a tax refund, 91.10 pounds, the valuation tax return will be 48 pounds.

According to the General Assembly on Festival Law, the amount of patients for passports up to 6 months in the new year is 170 pounds, for those who are 1 year old 248,40 pounds, for those with 2 years 405,50 pounds, for 3 year 575,90 and 3 years For those who had long been 811.60 pounds. In 2019, class A license is determined as 203.40 TL, and this amount is applied as 613.30 TL in class B license requests.

The following year, the court will apply for the courts 20.40 pounds, the export costs starting from 44.40 pounds. The opening of a bank robbery or a bankruptcy to find the table is 73.10 pounds.

For commercial purposes, the amount of payments made will be paid for the use of the phones that were used by foreign passengers for their own use, is 618.60 pounds.

Turkey's active duty and honorary consulates are based on the calculation of the amount of fees that will be made for transactions made in dollars in 2019 was determined to be 5.30 pounds dry.

According to the communication of the General Communication on Redeployment Tax Amendment, the limit on the part of & # 39; A mwSt amount that cannot be reinstated due to the transactions that it does to the deserving rate, and that cannot be shortened by discount amounting to 14,000 100 TL for 2019.

According to the Task Procedure Law General Communiqué, the prisoners were re-determined in the said right. Therefore, irregular head office sync will differ between 98 pounds and 180 pounds. Penalties related to unregulated metrics such as invoices and the same documents have not been received and start from 290 liras.

Soarch tax deduction

According to the general communication of municipal reorganization, the ecological clean-up policy of houses and 39 curves per metropolitan area is measured and 29 curves in other municipalities are calculated for the amount of water source.

The estimates that are determined for the residential, business and other buildings are implemented in municipalities with priority in development, with the exception of those within the metropolitan municipality and 50 percent in municipalities with a population less than 5,000.

The waiver of living benefits

According to the General Income Tax Commission, some fixed rates and amounts were set. Therefore, the conditional amount of application income, 5 thousand 400 pounds, employers outside the premises of the workplace or workplace, except for the provision of food for the benefits provided by the benefits of 19 pounds, was excluded. . First-degree invalidity determinants included a thousand 200 pounds, the second distance was identified for 650 pound men, 290 pounds for the third measure with treated people.

The amount related to the rented price, which is the general condition of simple procedures, was determined to be 9 thousand TL in the borders of the metropolitan municipality and 6 thousand TL in other places.

The rates based on the tax on income subject of income tax, 15 thousand pounds up to 15, 40 thousand lira 18 thousand pounds for 2,000 700 pounds, 20 percent for more, 98 thousand pounds for 40 thousand pounds, 7 thousand 100 pounds, for more 27 percent , 98 thousand pounds more than 98 thousand pounds for 22 thousand 760 pounds, more than 35 percent was determined for.

According to the & # 39; s amendment of & # 39; A general communication on the implementation of special consumer tax (II) is the amount of money that should not be calculated from & # 39; The car balances, including the drive gear and all other loads, which are below 247,000 400 liras, The first acquisition of cars such as ATV and Jeep, with a constraint rating of 90 percent or more, once in 5 years by the set or limited, was released from SCT. In cases where social, debt and accuracy exclusion, including special duty and VAT are excluded, legal bans are imposed on bicycles exceeding 247 million 400 thousand pounds. # 39; Import from import.

Motor utilities tax

On the other hand, in 2019, the amount of & # 39; A car's 15.9 percent tax instead of a top level. According to the general communication of a motor car state, the engine car tax for cars is 1-3 years old and the engine filter is up to 1300 square centimeters is 861 TL. Same age of engine cylinder 1301 inches to 1600 inches from & # 39; a car will grow up to 499 pounds liraya. The tax of 4001 cubic centimeters will be 41,000 pounds.

Annual tax amount, 1 to 29 years old minibuses, 29 thousand pounds, up to 25 persons of the same age a thousand 597 pounds, up to a thousand 500 kilograms trucks, trucks and comparable devices will be 923 pounds.

According to General Communications of the Real Estate Tax Law, the realizing tax rates for 2019 will be calculated by increasing the tax rates of 2018 by half & # 39; a spring level of 11,865 percent.

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