Saturday , June 19 2021

Karamollaoğlu announced the condition of alliance with AKP!

Highlights from the statements of Temel Karamollaoğlu are as follows:

What is the difference from the earlier of this period in Turkey?

The main difference from the others is that we are in trouble in almost every field. Just at one point it’s good. Today, foreign policy is a hercivian. Our friend, our enemy, our policy is in a mess. We also have serious problems in the economy. It also cannot be solved. Justice is sought with a candle in Turkey. When you ask for power, you are told where it came from.

Education is our future. But unfortunately we can see no purpose in education. We also cannot see the steps to solve the problems.


While saying “the pandemic is coming to an end” in health, suddenly another wave came. The hospital beds are completely full. We face serious problems regarding vaccination. What the authorities say does not agree. People can not reach the vaccine, the vaccine did not come enough … Why do not we make an effort to create our own vaccine.


No. Making the right decision in one place does not mean that we redefine all our policies. Reliability is essential here. When you say reliability, stability is sought. Making a mistake somewhere does not mean eliminating all mistakes.

We have always been cautious about the Istanbul Convention. The Istanbul Convention is not just like the Istanbul Convention. It is always on the agenda in terms of preventing violence against women. We are against violence against women. At any point, if you want to take these steps, we are with you, no matter who comes. However, when we say that we prevent violence against women and we begin to destroy it elsewhere, we cannot accept this either. We need to protect the family. Once the concept of family disappears, society degenerates. Therefore, we did not consider the Istanbul Convention alone as the Istanbul Convention. Let us do whatever it takes to prevent violence against women. Let’s all parties together, produce policies together. Let us try to agree on what needs to be done instead of criticizing each other. Let’s also talk about how you can protect the family. The family consists of a wife, a husband and children. If you change this idea and wage war against nature, I do this to protect the family.


When we said we should maintain the family structure, we were not just saying this for our own country. It is needed all over the world. However, when it comes to other issues, the most important aspect of the Istanbul Convention is that it is ready to remove the family structure from the invisible background all over the world. Not only in Turkey. Guarantee security control by destroying this family structure.


Of course I think. But when the time comes. Will one not think after reaching the age of 80? But everything has its time.


Well, sure. Think AK Party. It loses votes every day. There are those who say that the chance of success in the upcoming elections is very low, even zero. Those at the head of the Ak party will also seek a remedy. Tayyip is the first thing that comes to mind, let’s get in touch with our friends with whom we were once. He thought, let’s say hello, let’s see what happens. I’m not surprised about that either. We said from the beginning that we have principles. We never give up our principles.


When someone commits a crime in traffic, the police cut in and stop them. I say there must be justice. If not an effective man. The question arises there. He is guilty but released. It is said that he has an uncle. If there’s an uncle, we can not say that justice works well.

Erdogan even called his party the Justice and Development Party when he started. Then what happened was also justice, development too. There is neither. It sees development only in construction. Justice also wants what he said to be accepted. There is no such justice.


If we can agree on the principles that Erbakan proposes, amen. Not if we do not get along. We sit with everyone at the table, but we have principles.

How does it view the ban on the sale of alcohol?

Tayyip is a very capable politician. He also got the result he wanted. He registered himself. Our understanding of politics is blocked here. The feeling of anti-Islamism … Certain sections of the opposition also fall into this game. Tayyip brains did what he wanted, so the rest is talk.

HOW Should the loss of the trophies be compensated in full closure?

Similar things have happened all over the world. While taking these steps, the victim was eliminated. Other countries gave these answers. Craftsmen are people between citizens and producers. Look at the state of the traders in the market … Their needs must be met. The shortest way to reach the citizen is to put money in the citizen’s pocket. Let him support people immersed in debt. Both the baker and the supermarket were in trouble. If you support them, the wheel will start to spin. This does not only work with it either. People have been in trouble so far.

Especially young people want to go abroad, to earn more. The most decisive people are young people. They are the people who will vote for us. We trust young people, we have hope.

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