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Izmir News – 2 calls for blood donation for children with leukemia


HAND NAYMAN / IZMIR, (DHA) – IZMIR Words for Leukemia with a 3.5-year-old story Arin Printer is a rare case of Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) by the Izmir Chamber of Medicine and Health Workers Association (SES) call to be a self-donor. Board of Directors of Izmir Chamber of Medicine Dr. Fatih Sureyyok, the number of voluntary donors is not the desired level of attention, 2 thousand children wait for stem cell transplant, he said.
At the end of # Diagnosis of & # 39; The Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia disease has rarely been found in the story of # 39; e Action and Contemporary Printer couple living in Izmir, a 3.5-year-old girl Öykü Arin, began to donate a lot of people to donate blood donor for transplantation. Many people and organizations were also called upon to give blood to citizens. An invitation for the Little Story came from Izmir Chamber of Medicine and SES Izmir Branch. In & Ask a joint press release, health care provider, & # 39; Stem cell donation desires the future, he told the story of small stone cells and other children applying leukemia for stem cell. Izmir Chamber of Physicians chairman of the press conference. Dr. Funda Barlık Obuz, member of the Central Council of the Turkish Medical Association. Mübetcel İlhan, board member of Izmir Chamber of Medicine Fatih Sürenkök, SES Izmir Branch co-chairman Hülya Baran Ulaşoğlu, SES İzmir Branch Secretary Başak Edge Gurkan went to the meeting.
Two thousand children are waiting for transport
With the earning of supporting the life of stammering, Izmir Chamber of Medicine Board Member Fatih Sürenkök, "We went to the Red Crescent Regional Directorate Earlier, I came here and we talked to the officers." Always waiting for our 2 thousand children to stay in Turkey, waiting for steam donation. life with two thousand children of our tribe selenium and can return aramıza healthy within one year, 80 thousand stamzellerdaten in the database were included, donations must be made to 800 thousand, 1 million, the information is reposted in & nbsp; the bank for 10 years is stored and when a person gives his / her own information, it may be a source for our children for 10 years, it can live it, it will be transformed It does not matter if you give the kidneys, but after giving you the parentage, your body leaves the stalk, then you have the chance to give a different person a third person. Probably save the lives of a child. "
Stem cell transplantation, especially blood vessels (leukemia, lymphoma), including bone marrow metals, metabolic diseases, immune system and other crystals, such as a treatment method used in treating many diseases, presides the president of the Medical House of Izmir. Dr. Funda Barlık Obuz also said:
"Stones are cells that are all of their livelihood and can change in different, completely red cells, as needed, differ in cells of appendix, so that the development, revaluation and proliferation of cells is possible. HLA-tissue type is hereditary, the sedation of a person, twins or one, the most likely the best match. If there is no match in the family of patients, screening Start the non-related people The high rate of donation of donors and HLAs results in 'best transplantation. "
Why to do
Considering that a person who wants to be a donor should be healthy without being between 18 and 50 years and thought he will be healthy. Blood tests are being tested for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and syphilis by the Turkish Red Crescent, and when the presence of this disease is found, the person can not be a donor and is therefore informed. These tests are performed to ensure that the donor does not place the donor and the patient at any risk. Stem Cell Coordination Center (TÜRKÖK) is again done by a medical research. An average period of donation in a period of 4-6 weeks takes 20-30 hours, "he said.


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