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Is Turkey the way to go from the Euro 2020 league of the country? That's the odds – National Team News


He fails to pack the way to UEFA Euro 2020 ready match and go to the judges and Turkey can join the League of Nations in the playoffs which fell to third in the B Group 2 Group C group. I wonder if the stars of the moon will be a chance for the International Federation if we can not all meet 2020 now. If our work is here, it is too early to say anything. However, in order to understand the process correctly, the waiting process is important.

One – First, A, B, C and D will be completed in all leagues in the International Federation. The first of the four groups in the A league remains in the final.

2 The draw for the final will be held on December 3 in Portugal. After the organizational semi-finals of Portugal (June 5 and June 6, 2019), third place and finals (June 9, 2019), the game will be announced at the League of Nations.

3 After this final – 4, the ranking of the League of Nations will become clear. The final four champions are the first, the finalists are the second, and the remaining two are the third and fourth.

4 – If four teams in the league have been ranked in the league, the League of Nations will rank again this season. The following criteria will apply here.

■ Locations in groups

■ Highest score

■ Target range

Most goals

Most goals

■ Most victories

■ Win the farthest

■ Discipline (yellow and red cards)

■ League team ranking coefficient.

5 Who will expect to qualify for the Euro 2020 qualifier in order to rank the countries in the International Federation?

6 The first in the A, B, C, and D leagues and the first in the Euro 2020 qualifiers, the finalists are divided into four leagues and a single match ends in the semi-finals and final matches. The final winner is the last four teams to earn Euro 2020 tickets.

7- In the A league and the B league, the top team's team in the finals will advance to the finals in the Euro 2020 qualifier. If you do not get out of here, there will be more chances to get Play-Off tickets.

8 If four or more groups of A and B or multiple teams in this group have earned their final tickets, the best team in the A ranking of the first A-4 team set in this group, B, is based on the highest ranked team.

9 For example, if there is no team remaining in Team A in Team A, the B-League can be seen. The team with the highest ranking leads to the playoffs of the A league except for the team that won the playoffs at B, not the first. This means that Cteden B & D, It also applies to den C & # 39 ;.

(10) On the other hand, when you fill the playoff position in the league or upper league, you will always see your team's ranking in the league. So Turkey will have an important place in the B team.

11 – Finally, a team of twenty-four teams from 20 countries had the right to go to 20 countries, but the League of Nations in the Foot-Off basket could get into the pot. A, B, C, and D will play a league match in the March 2020 fast-forward semifinals and the final game will attempt to win one of the last four.


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