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Is it possible to design kids? | Health News


A few weeks ago, Lulu and Nana were born in China. Chinese scientist He Jiankui tells; The DNA of children's books born of the IVF treatment method was replaced by a new method. It was proved that the change in DNA was made to immune to HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), causing AIDS.

In Experimental Experiment, the gene provides much to HIV in # 39; The same is inserted in the embryo is off. The results of the experiment have not yet been published in a scientific journal and have not been verified by independent sources. Genetic is also proven to start or confirm a new time. Chinese scientist He Jiankui believes that genetic design of deadly disease can be avoided …

Are you together with sleeping bags?

Some scholars argue that human experiments are very risky. With the worries that changes in DNA can be transmitted to future generations and damage to other genes, practice is banned in many countries of the world. Yet there is no funeral in the genetic design of research.

Is it possible to free children's boards? Is it impossible to have the baby with the desired physical features and intelligence? questions to Habertürk TV ITU Molecular biology and genetic sciences teacher Professor. Dr. Eda Tahir Turan replied.

Professor Dr. Turan said: "It is not possible, it is intended to prevent in China, but should be evaluated in two ways: first, it should be scientifically asked and then ethical: they are both serious questions in different dimensions. Experiments, they publish in high scientific magazines the effective factor discussed by panel directors, we see, we had to think of an event that we started on the media that we should not remember "he said.

Where are the design rooms completely possible?

Professor Dr. Turan, "There are many factors that determine our external appearance and symptoms." Not only the schools in our genes but also the interactions between these sequins and the surrounding factors are important. We know that only a few thousand of them cause a bad illness. We do not know the disease that we can not fully resolve.


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