Friday , January 28 2022

In Afghanistan, the FETO school raids


Although the FETO commissioner tried to stop the students who were instigated, the security forces operated the school in accordance with the court order, and the process of transferring the school began.

Governor of the Herat Office spokesman Ceylani Honey said the AA correspondent said the agreement between Turkey and Afghanistan, he later edited the school's work by the security forces to transfer to the Afghan government's education foundation's Ministry of Education before the administration of this school.

The security forces entered through the court's decision that the school had started the FAA, the school management transfer process Turkey Maarif Foundation.

In this context, the training of Feton in the north of the country in the framework of contract management Afghanistan schools and the transfer of responsibility to the foundation of the Uludag between the two countries to invite the Afghanistan country director to the Afghan authorities in the school Turkey Maarif Foundation, They had two delivery of domestic dogs.

Herat said that Turkey has started the process of submitting to Afghan authorities' schools, the Education Ministry of Uludag Education Foundation said, "Do not worry about it, we will become a Afghan brothers and modern education system with better quality and service."

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