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I am curious, I even jumped the windows!


"Why? Why did not you interview me for six years? I was ugly? My mouth is big? You've been with my father for two weeks! What's the shortage, but I gave you all the equipment for the interview. I got married, I got divorced, I got intensive care, I got caught in the street, I did a TV show, I played in commerce, the first 100 million video clips in Turkey, but when you do not interview me I can not be famous! The singer announced her intention to interview Ayşe Arman. Contact Ýrem directly He finally got what he wanted.

There is an interview with Derici, known for his sincerity:

I live outside.

We listen to you … Who are you?

I am a 31 – year – old man singing pop songs and seeing out as the most crazy person in the sector, but he 's the most crazy, actually the most normal person.

What's up?

– Well, I live like an alien! One year I am heading to death, I have been doing something else for a year! event; Sincerity.

How sincere are you, how sincere are you playing?

– Very sincere! Önder said, "I am taking your water now, I am too sincere! Do not be transparent, but it is not an option.I am not chasing idiots.I have no secrets.I am transparent.I have everything I think that they are harassing me, but then they get used to it. "They will not change for six years," they say.

They say: How do you rate yourself?

– I am an interested buddy … I want everyone to talk to me. So when I was young, I jumped over the school window.


– No, it's real. I am courageous. And I'm an interested buddy! I spent 13 years in Işık High School. One day they annoy me. I thought about it. "N think, n" apim ". I said, let me jump over there. "And they both speak and see me, but I am, I want people to talk to me as far as I can remember, I want to make it happen, maybe everyone can feel like me, but I can confess.

Do you really have something "crazy"?

– I do not know! What is "madness"? Is the world changing the norm? The apple falls on a man's head and explores gravity. In the shower, Evreka! "Breka!" I do not accept what is called normal. Look inside the sector if they call me odd or mental. They kiss my hair or something else! At least I do not hurt anyone. I am a harmless madman. I have very good qualities. I appreciate it. I protect people who work together. I will not say this because there is something in Matta. But there are too many things not to do so much.

Is that your problem?

– Yes or orum I wear it as my type. I wear it. Wear. I have dealt with myself for 31 years. He could not finish. 31 can be seen through the tattoo. I look at myself until I do tattoos, 31 bit


– Oh. Hey, it's Ryan's adventure. Behind Angelina Jolie's tattoo is the supply industry. This woman is like a woman I've been to recently. Woman crying. He has a crown, but he is not a queen. I was impressed with my friend 's painting. It was written "Masterpiece" and I did it when I was 16 years old. No one told me, "You are not a masterpiece!" It's what happens when you do not!

Did not your mother go crazy when she was a child?

– I'm back, of course! But, Amaapsin's lady, what should I do about it? Look at that creepy tattoo, I let her work until 14 o'clock! I went to the tattoo shop at 7 in the morning. "I do tattoos, print Latin stuff, and the devil wants to stab," I said. Then I said. I said, "Oh, great, the devil stabbed!"

What did you do when your mom came home?

– She fainted, damn it! One day I go home. Hair is white beard. I spend the day. I spend the day. I jumped out of the window … I was very tired when I grew up. I will raise 11 boys and bring them to my first league. We are right …

That was Fenaydı where he lived Why did you go into intensive care?

I am suffering from slimming disorders, and I can not even admit myself. Lack of appetite. But I did not vomit. Anyway I did not eat anything, I'm gonna puke!

What was that?

– I have done a lot of things in a row. I could not handle it anymore. I was on TV and I was going to the concert. I was getting weak and I was crazy. I hurt my relationship. Harun Kolchak is dead, I used to love him. I have cancer in my family. My lyrics were stolen from chewing gum. We are laughing now, but that time is really over. And I was torn. Even if your body is not harmful to your health, your brain will survive. I also lived. But when everything was over, he said, at some point, the head came to the best ama. Leave! What will happen next? Then I was busy. I almost said. "I will let müs in this world. Az


When you were admitted, did not you eat completely?

– All! Eating and sleeping I went back to the concert at Denny's and was shaking in the car at an angle of 40 degrees in the air. That's not the case, but at that time epile was undergoing a epileptic crisis. But I am not epilepsy. Totally stress-based. Amy will be the wine house! "She said," I am an idiot, I said to myself, "Yesterday from this world, this world makes you sad.

What did they do there?

– TMS treatment saw 10 sessions. There is no way the brain can make you happy that your senses are in your clogged brain, a neurologist tells you. In TMS there is a strange cure, from right to left, and vice versa. Other than that, I received psychiatric treatment. I still go to psychos and psychologists. I use three different antidepressants.

Did you always like this?

Yes, but of course there is a bit of ruthlessness given by celebrities. I can not believe the statement I made recently. Come out of my mouth, what should I do. Gunde I want to love myself after 10 days! "Or something. Actually, I said," I am having fun. I want to tell you not to think seriously. Actually. I have come to life as a troll! Yes, I'm in love with men, I'm not excellent, I'm sweet. I'm having fun, but I'm ruining their hearing in ten days! I'm like a virus. I do not recommend myself. So do not let anyone. I have already broken the circuit. I do not think I can fall in love again.

Is it true that you go back to the clinic? They say such things.

– I do not know. I started going to normal therapy git Nişantaşı. You understand. And to explain all this, women need treatment. It's always a good thing. I'm talking to my throat. The psychiatrist was surprised at what he would do. He went forward. I'm being treated! There is a border definition. When they left me, they said. "They went to the hospital." It's the therapist's office, not the clinic! Why should I say it? I am a woman who says "Hobbes".

You are free in return for saying "I'm going crazy" to them … is that important?

– He let me go! Yeah, it's sort of a deal with this community, it's a secret deal. Now everyone will learn. I am telling illerem that lem is crazy, what he does is crazy binary. So I got them to tell it. And I am free in return!

It was super! Small Aysel Gurel models Biraz

– We can not pour water in the hands of the dead! When I say, I'm peeing my shit! "Or something, nobody takes this seriously." They say lare Irem is what he has to do. "Tarkan years ago, he did not survive that man. Do we have anything else to do now? His spirit, his sweetness, his madness is different, he is real, we know it, and we love her, we accept it, I am in a similar situation.

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