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Hope for three people with organs


15 days before high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension, brain death occurred in the forest and liver of Münürriye Demiray (66 years old) during treatment at the hospital this morning.

Münüriye Demiray, a mother with five children living in Sivas, had cerebral hemorrhage 15 days before her due to hypertension. Demiray was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Cumhuriyet University Hospital, and brain death occurred this morning. His family, Münüriye Demiray, decided to forgive the organ. Turkey has taken Demiray's kidneys and liver after surgery for a team from Malatya for about two hours, according to the coordination of the organ and organ transplant center. Organs for patients waiting to be transplanted were sent to Erzurum and Malatya.

Assoc Zekeriya Öztemur, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Cumhuriyet University Hospital, had brain death in our patient who was admitted to the intensive care unit about two weeks ago and completed all the procedures for organ transplantation from early morning on request of the patient's relatives. However, the patient worsened his condition one hour before Sivas and the heart stopped, and we performed very urgent intervention. The patient was connected to the heart machine to protect the organ. We sent two kidneys to Erzurum and we would like to thank our relatives of patients who have contributed to the service and would appreciate three people, probably more patients, and friends from the entire team. "He said.

– Chivas

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Saturday, November 10, 2018 4:49 PM

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