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He was shocked and shocked!


Hasan Köroğlu, who lives in Antalya, had a hole in her heart, but at age 31 she became aware of her condition. Köroğlu psychological counseling, restored surgical health.

According to DHA, Hasan Köroğlu, who worked as a psychological counselor in elementary school, went to the doctor in June with a heart attack resulting from a heart attack. A 32 mm diameter hole was found in the heart in the test.

Dr. Oautan Hussein, after a cardiovascular specialist, said the heart of the hole would be closed by surgery, he said. Hasan Köroğlu, who had undergone the surgery and underwent surgery, blocked the hole for 31 years. Hasan Köroğlu was discharged three days after surgery and returned to normal life.

Hassan Köroğlu said he was surprised when he realized he had heart disease. He was looking for a doctor for treatment. Hasan Köroğlu, who crosses the path of the record, said: "I was able to be discharged in three days and the doctor said in a week or two that he could return to normal life. I can do it. "

"When you turn 40, you can be dismissed."

Professor Dr. Hüseyin Okutan said that congenital heart disease can be hidden until it is diagnosed in the 30s and 40s.

Among these, the most common atrial septal defect (ASD) is called the heart of the top apex of the hole between the beginning of the encounter. Dr. Okutan said, "Our patient had no complaints until this time, but the normal test showed that the atrial wall was not developed, had a large opening and needed open surgery, but cut the 6-7 inch incision in the armpit, It is common these days for the patient to get back to his or her daily life quickly, in the operation of the neck and inguinal blood vessels. This hole is closed to the heart using only the ribs. The patient only takes a few days to return to daily life. "

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