Saturday , September 24 2022

Good news for a four month hike!


According to the 4-month inflation rate, SSK and Bağ-Kur retirees increased by 12.26%. With this increase the minimum wage; Retiring before SSK 2000 l 992 pounds, the retail trader will be 721 pounds.

July-October inflation was 12.26%. In other words, according to the 4-month inflation rate, the retirement rate of SSK and Bag-Kur increased by 12.26%.

According to November and December, the inflation rate will increase or decrease. An increase of 12.26% in the realization of the minimum retirement pension will increase 88 cents from £ 721,000 to £ 533,000 83,000.

The minimum retirement pay for Bag-Kur agricultural pensions is 59 pounds (79 pounds), a 95 cents increase in 2000 (211 pounds), 12.26 percent.

After the retirement of the SSK in 2000, the SSK increased its minimum wage by 12.26 percent before retirement in 2000, after reaching 146 cents at 21,000 pounds and 1000 cents. Thousand thousand seven thousand TL 64 cent, Thousand 923 pound 64 Kurusa.

Inflation forecasts also suggest a January increase in SSK and Bag-Kur retirees. Hiking speed; According to estimates from the 2019 program, the Central Bank's estimates are 10.65% and 13.12%, respectively, and the central bank's expectations are expected to be 13.78%.


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