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Give her school buildings to her leukemia breeding


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They provided their schooling to their leukemic sibling ZONGULDAK – In Zonguldak, kindergartens sent their support to their sibling with leukemia.

They donated their school money for their leukemia brothers

ZONGULDAK – In Zonguldak, kindergartens sent their help to their leukemia-infested sibling.
Mithatpaşa Primary School students of the premier class, the kindergarten was led by her mother, Fatma Demir, led the social accounting project. The small students who did not forget their brothers were likely to be treated for leukemia, suggesting that they were masks and their leukemia sibling values.
The minister also has support from school examinations in their leukemia subbidies. Mother of the grandfather Fatma Demir, who has indicated that they express solidarity examples, "We started this work by the example of our teacher Ayşe, but we did only for the premier league, but Spreading the general process, we support 2 thousand 945 TL when the process was too short. Important before parents sent them before they asked, I thank them very much, we will continue with These kinds of things, "We will try to do," he said.
"The only diagnosis of this disease is the blood test"
Aziz Gebeş from LÖSEV Zonguldak, thought that leukemia can be diagnosed with blood cough and thought that the disease is usually seen in adults. Gebeş, "We go to many schools in Zonguldak, we go to the villages We try to make families and students aware that we are volunteer representatives, and we have no expectations and interests We want this sensitivity Increase and awareness raises if we focus on healthy species, we see children as sick, 30 to 40 percent of children, but in adults this rate is 60-70 percent. The only diagnosis of this disease is a bloody study, a simple blood vessels and a diagnosis of your illness if you look at the white blood vessels, but it is easier to deal with when you are diagnosed, but we have a small body and we visit the week on the oncological service, if we go there, we see the truth , and the person outside does not look just like it is there, there are small measures for doing different measures like your kids have a bleeding status or that applies to adults, "he said.

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