Friday , April 23 2021

Gaziantepspor refused from the league – last minute sports news

From & # 39; the official & # 39; a red black:

If it is known, due to our high loan debt that is left over by the final boards, our club has received many minus points due to payments not made by FIFA for foreign football players and their teams and ultimately penalty for the lower division.

Gaziantepspormum represented 50 years with Gaziantep City on the field as well as on the field without any strange events in an honest, non-interference-related event. However, at the moment we are acting in this situation as a situation where heavy resistance and Gaziantep tracks are mentioned. Our club TFF 2nd League White Group has decided to take the remaining matches and prevent them from being in a league to prevent Gaziantepspormisuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzu's name and history.

We want to know all sports fans and fans; It decides to avoid the League without a decision to close our club. At the end we put our Gaziantep track to the places you & # 39; t it in & # 39; deserves the shortest time, by building a new project that starts zero and debt policy of the new season.

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