Friday , May 7 2021

Galatasaray News | Fatih Terim Derby remark: If we do not win, we will step aside, congratulate our Beşiktaş friends and send them with applause.

Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim, commenting on Gençlerbirliği’s victory, said, “Winning is very important here. The last 3 matches were over. The game was generally under our control. I think we took the right position with a high pass rate. , especially in controlling the game. We called. The goal was a bit too late. It’s important to enter the first half 1-0. , they could move more easily, “he said.

Terim criticizing the VAR referee for the canceled 3rd goal said, “I do not understand why the 3rd goal was not given. If he had played a small ball in VAR, he would have seen that it was a goal. Side “has another problem. It’s also fun to play without discomfort in the first half without placing a position,” he said.

“IF we do not win, we will sit on the sidelines, celebrate BESIKTASLI FRIENDS, we will send with attractions”

Fatih Terim, who was asked his thoughts on the derby they will play with Beşiktaş, said, “Matches like these do not always come. It’s a very clear game that should not have much math on it. If we are defeated, we will continue. If we win the derby, we will continue, otherwise there is no possibility of even 1%. If we do not win, we will step aside, congratulate and applaud our Beşiktaş friends. We say goodbye to her. It is the other way around. In case of win, the event could extend to the following weeks as hope. It is not known how the matches will end with the scores in the Turkish League. We congratulate our Beşiktaş friends with points other than these and send them with applause.“made the explanation.

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