Thursday , October 6 2022

Flash Word! "The village decided to go."


Erman Toroğlu, who made a statement in the program on A Sports, mentioned Burak Yılmaz and Trabzonspor.

Trabzonspor defeated Toroglue's defeat to Malatiaspor 5-0. "Because it was an unfortunate match, Unica Hoca Rodrigue was injured last week.


Trabzonspor, the new Malatiaspor 5-0 defeat suffered the pain of defeat. One of the most serious defeats in history, burgundy-blueness was Burak Yilmaz, one of the main agenda topics.

Last week, Bursaspor was removed from the game in a struggle for both the stretch and rebound of the technical team Burak. The new Malatyaspor displacement was not carried out by a disciplinary decision.

Trabzonspor, a 33-year-old striker, scarcely won the race. Experienced soccer players have been especially impressed by the Black Sea team since the beginning of the season.

Burak Yilmaz, who lost 13 games to the Spor Toto Super League since the start of the season, led the team to victory. Trabzonspor was able to win only 4 of 13 games without Burak. Bordeaux – Blue team, defeated in field 4, draw 5.

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