Sunday , August 14 2022

FETOs have captured Tatlıses! Accused


Ibrahim Faruk Bayındır, owned by FETO airline Tarkim, was indicted for selling the airplane to Ibrahim Tatlıses, a well-known singer of $ 6 million. Mr. Bayindir has indicted him for fraud. A statement by Ibrahim Tatlises, charged by the Istanbul prosecutor's office, was also included.

In his testimony, Tatinesses stated that Bayındır claimed the membership of the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization and that he had received a trustee. Tatlıses, the pilot decided to ride a private jet along the way. Ambiguous Faruk Bayindir 's company said he had trained himself for the pilot after he had learned the properties and prices of the pilot himself. After that, Tatlıses sent an airplane to Germany for inspection and said that he had the quality of scrap here. He signed a contract with Mega Trans Company during the contract period and used his position in Bayındır's aviation industry to fly the plane It was sold at a loss of $ 600,000.

The prosecution of Bayindir Bayindir case against Bayındır, the 'Fraud' and the 'armed terrorist organization investigation', issued a warrant for Ankara Bayindir 's file collection to Ankara' s 14th High Criminal Court files kept him fraudulent, suspicious, and suspicious file arrest several times, but he could not be arrested and his statement was recorded.

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