Thursday , April 22 2021

Fazıl Say broke the silence! – members

Musician Fazıl Say, a new work of art on 18 January at the Congress
Exhibition. Siz, formerly presented President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the concert
He had. Although Erdogan would be the concert, it was a matter of curiosity. Concertday
Erdogan, together with his wife Emine Erdogan in the previous series to say
They got it. He grew Say before sending to the listeners. On this event
Some received Say, who invited the concert to his concert, with others getting more and more
He praised the painting that appeared to find the polarization.

Fazıl Who is not commenting on the concert

You can think, "I want to be able to live in my country, to do my art"
I wrote the last summer.

This terror was heard everywhere. Mr. Erdoğan's belief in my mother's death
I also felt the tone in his phone, a compromise daughter wanted to leave.
Not only for Fazil Say, but also for all art community, even the whole cultural community
In the meaning of their elements, there were many things that were not in Erdogan;
– And we often – "We are successful in the cultural and educational problems."
we could not, "he said, a criticism.

Forgiveness can be made alive, even Erdogan says, Ahmet Mehmet said
the man makes failure, we may make mistakes, to come back to correct the error is virtue,
is a human condition.

Fazıl Say has made many mistakes in his life, even when he was right.
style has done wrong, is offended, many have also offended …


Do we hope to live without our hope? How do we look for the future?

A country, its own high culture, folk music, art music, western music
from the local to the universal, can take spectacular steps, syntheses to the world
intercultural bridges between their differences
If we build that, we can fall into a strange abyss, and we all fall.

I feel that this conclusion has been opened, this first meeting was in Beştepe.
Not, but I was stating that it would be in my concert, from just about unfair to the profession
In this process we also saved the lives of my musicians.
He confirms that the structure of a state is wrong. In this process in the country
Many current debates took place, it was very heavy.

After all, in this first step; Erdogan, in my concert, came with respect, not just that,
He brought his entire cabinet and the US senator.

The freedom of art in our country, the light of hope for social compromises
must burn.

I'm a libertarian. Can live, strengthen one another, friendship
We need to be able to expand our hand.

look; From local to global, Turkey will be the pride of everyone in the place of Medar
There you can.

Maybe not successful, but at least I try to find right thing for Turkey.

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