Friday , January 28 2022

EYP attack from Sirnak! Two soldiers were martyred and five wounded.


According to the information collected by the UAV, wounded soldiers wounded by EYP explosion on the road during the security screening of the security forces in Gabi Mountain area, Duzlukonak province, Sirnak Province, were transferred to Şırnak State Hospital for treatment.

Started working

Şırnak 23. Infantry Headquarters A command helicopter was launched in the area where the army was engaged in comprehensive operations.


The martyrs of the infantry specialist, Olgong military, were martyred. From the martyrdom of the martyrs to the martyrdom of the military officials, his wives Ceylan, Güleser and Asim Olgun. Then the Turkish flag was hanging on the building.

After hearing Shahada's news, many people came home and read the Qur & an;

I realized that the funeral of Olgun, my father with two children, will be buried in Bursa tomorrow.

Mersin's ACI News

The painful news of infantry boss Ömer Doğan arrived at his father's house.

The family of Shahin Dogan lived in the district of Mersin Ermeri, which included Avni Kula, Governor of Ermone District, Mehmet Derin, Gendarme District Commander, Ahmad Shawno Ahmet Sahingöz) The local police chief was very alert.

Then, Turkey's flag was hanging on Dogan's father's house. After the news of the Qur'an read the Qur'an and prayed, many people came home.

Dogan's funeral tomorrow will be given to the earth after the noon prayer in the district of Erdemli.

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