Wednesday , April 21 2021

Explosion in resistant scab! It gets infected in 15 minutes

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa-Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital Chief Physician and faculty member of the Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Assoc. Dr. Zekayi Kutlubay said that the cases of scabies, which show a certain increase every year, usually only in the winter months, have experienced a serious explosion this year and that they often encounter resistant patients who have not recovered despite treatment. Indicate that pollution between family members who have to spend a long time together due to the pandemic has also increased, Assoc said. Dr. Kutlubay said that because of the cases that are resistant to existing medicines, they find the remedy that turns to traditional, artificial drugs.


Assoc. Dr. Kutlubay stated that 15 minutes of skin or object contact is sufficient for the infection of the shed parasite, and stated that family contacts have been increased by the quarantine.

Kutlubay said: “We note that there has been a serious increase in cases of scabies admitted to our hospital, Cerrahpaşa Hospital, and outpatient dermatology clinics of other hospitals. More importantly, this year there are patients who are earlier are diagnosed treated despite the treatment, and the current medicines also They come to our clinic in cases that have gone to a doctor 8-10 times, are correctly diagnosed, but are not often treated with medicines on the market and are not everyone healed and infected in the family.Sometimes the whole family goes to our polyclinics.This disease is transmitted through skin or contact with objects.Due to the quarantine, people stay longer in closed areas.Because the whole family spends more time at home, the contact time increases.This ensures that the transmission occurs very easily among family members.If a person has scratched, it is inevitable that other members of the family will be rt. “sei.

“We make traditional blends with sulfur and katran”

Indicate that if a person is diagnosed with scabies at home, other members of the family should also be treated, whether or not there are symptoms, Assoc. Dr. Kutlubay said: “The medicine we give should be applied to the whole body, including the soles of the feet and toes, while after bathing it is somewhat moist. In the past we recommended a waiting time of 12 hours, but now it should stay 24 hours due to resistance.24 hours later the patient takes a shower again, He must wash all bed linen, clothes etc. he uses by sowing at a temperature of at least 60 degrees.In the meantime all household members and contacts should apply the same treatment.This treatment should be repeated after 2-3 days.But the problem here is, especially in the last period.In the incoming cases there is resistance to two different drugs for scabies in the market that we use in the treatment. Patients who come to us can not get treatment even though they have used these medicines many times. For this reason we have become accustomed to some artificial medicines with sulfur, tar, etc. with. proven effectiveness. There are also scabies medications to take orally. However, they are now not available in Turkey t. Some patients bring it to their pharmacies from abroad, “he said.


Mentioned that in some Covid-19 cases, dermatological symptoms such as itching, redness and rash can sometimes be confused with symptoms of scabies, Assoc. Dr. Kutlubay made the following warnings:

“Kovid is a viral infection. Scabies is a disease caused by the parasite. In Kovid, itching, swelling, nettle-like injuries or wounds in the whole body can occur. Or the whole body can become red and swollen. In the same way, scabies can accumulate small blisters, especially between the fingers, such as S-shaped broken lines, small acne-like itchy wounds around the inner wrist, armpit wounds, genital area in men, and eczema-like scab and scaly wounds in and around the chest area in women “But the distinctive finding of scabies is night itching. Itching is serious enough to wake up from the night’s sleep. In Kovid, there is no itching at night. There is just itching all day.”


I Assoc. Dr. Zekayi Kutlubay concluded his remarks as follows: “In Mis-C syndrome that develops after Kovid in children, more feverish, purposeful reddish rashes may occur in certain parts of the body. There is a general itching, itching is not so In addition, itching may be more common in children than scabies in the baby. Symptoms such as blistering blisters on the palms or soles of the feet may occur. In addition, acne-like itchy lesions and sores on the face may occur. we distinguish childhood scabies from Mis-C. Scurvy usually has other itchy people in the family and if there is another itch in a family, we can make an immediate diagnosis of scabies.Children have itching so severe that they wake up at night If we do not fully heal scabies, widespread itchy-related wounds can occur throughout the body and secondary infection of these wounds.bacterial infection we call r. A focus of infection can occur in the body , this infection can enter the bloodstream e, that’s what we’re most afraid of. In addition, unless it is treated, the parasite continues to multiply and remains infected, increasing the risk of turning into an epidemic. This is a big problem. “

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