Wednesday , March 29 2023

Explanation of TFFHGD: We acted in the sense of justice.


The Turkish Association of Soccer Referees and Observers, which has focused on the controversial game and the fight that took place in the referee, has always issued a written statement to the guilty party to see it. The referee community always acted with a sense of justice, and statements were given in the statement.

The description of TFFHGD is as follows.

"The results of our club last week in our country's most popular sport, football, and the announcement of a statement from the visual media is a rejection of the corporate identity of the corporate identity of the traitor. We are the club's club and friends, I believe that I live in a sense of belonging and enthusiasm in the spring of their lives, who lost their lives because I liked the game with the opinion that the match results would lose their reputation in the soccer game.

Invitation of rights
At this opportunity, we invite all stakeholders of football to common sense, saying that there is an error in the position of the human element, and most importantly, nothing more important than human life. Soccer loving brother, giving up his life and patience with his sad family I want to.

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