Friday , July 30 2021

Ersun Yanal: We won Galatasaray


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Fenerbahce Technical director Ersun Yanal, finishing 1-1 at the Galatasaray derby. Today they get the result of the championship, perhaps Galatasaray said Yanal, this is a form, this is a fight for a raid. The football players came out of a match with their foreheads

Galatasaray played on the field with a 1-1 match that it played in "Fenerbahçe Technical Director Ersun Yanal," after answering the issues on a press conference. Yanal started his words by evaluating 90 minutes and said the difficulty level of such matches was very high. Fenerbahce's style in this style is always evident, today we are putting it back. Today, we have prevented Galatasaray from taking advantage of the championship. There are more games, but today in & # 39; the second half of our position in & # 39; a defense can bring us goals, can bring goals. Galatasaray Karambole turns the surprises that we can turn off the game. Alps & # 39; s position at & # 39; the last minute is an example. When I said, such matches are match matches, match is a match, my football players in this match, & # 39; & # 39; he said.


Ersun Yanal said that they have problems since & # 39; a team. We're in this situation to & # 39; we're a team that can't keep the rhythm. Football bugs game. We make feelings, competitors do, the rights of the people do. As a result, there are games that are very low for us. Due to these errors and problems, the federation had to change. There are many positions that are not discussed today. We have many positions, your opponent. We have argued that there are mistakes in the form of management. Today, the system is trying to adapt to the standards of VAR. Today we went to VAR. The result will be canceled, but let's wait, Sonuçta said.

& # 39; WELCOME TO Where & # 39; we want & # 39;

Ersun Yanal said that the judges are complaining about the management of the rights, not the management style. It's easy to see on the TV and decide. There are many positions in favor and against us. Footballer in an airball, executed, corner. When this corner was a goal, we discussed it today. The main reasons to go to VAR must be discussed. Today we can see many positions. In the place where the player was won, the referee decided well. I spoke to Mehmet Topal and said he didn't touch the man on the first yellow card. No one thinks we're here enough to sign here. We are Fenerbahce and we go to the field to win. Don't think that everyone here will come to win by cheering your weapons. Hasan Ali yok intervention in & # 39; s position but is not in & # 39; a position of Mehmet Topal. Therefore, we cannot defend Mehmet Topal's expedition


Ersun Yanal added that she is working for every football player to finish and play, it is necessary to increase the performance of each player. Today we call Elephant for the gold to & # 39; we played well. Moses Ale introduced a problem to Ayew, and we took Alper to play. Alpine target would be different and would be a very important change. We are in a process. Sometimes we don't go wrong sometimes. We've made everybody ready. Tolgay, I'll take care, he said.

It says the main problem in & # 39; a team is ranked in & # 39; e lying there & # 39; s office name, "to & # 39; it was recorded where & # 39; Fenerbahçe is located was in the above problems. The location was also a bad point. We made transfers for We did not play to change the game Last week we could not evaluate 11 goals, he could not get the good matches with the Fenerbahce games, we got the game we wanted, but we could not want the score. Fenerbahce will be the champion over the next few years and we do our best to do it, Biz said.


This kind of game, a match match, remarkable of a surprising game Ersun Yanal, This is very important. Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are part of Turkey's size, the beauty of & # 39; e flier teams. Competition has no place in any classification. The terms and conditions are very different if you are a member. Outside our classrooms, our first goal was to keep the quality of our community. Fenerbahce Galatasaray matches, Galatasaray Fenerbahce matches are very special. Promise to get the result of our audience about this problem by believing in the field came out. If we had won, there would be many different situations

The answers from Galatasaray to the question asked about the 20-year win in this Yanal statue are the victory of Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahce's superiority to this problem is also very difficult to break, in its fullest.

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