Saturday , February 4 2023

Erdoğan Bıyık has not forsaken children and young people with diabetes.


This event was organized by Düzce Children and Young Diabetics Association on 14th day of World Diabetes Day and was attended by MHP Düzce Mayor Erdoğan Bıyık. Mustaches, diabetics should collect awareness about garbage collection to get awareness.

November 14th World Diabetes Day was organized by the Düzce Children's Diabetesics Association. President of the Young Diabetes Society event. Dr İlknur Arslanoğlu, Düzce Child Juvenile Diabetes Member, MHP Düzce Mayor Candidate Erdoğan Bıyık, Diabetes Children and Their Families Attended.

Düzce Municipality is in a perfect cafe. The garbage was collected in Anitpark Square in the city park. Candidate Erdoğan Bıyık's garbage collection candidate MHP Düzce mayor also appreciated.

The memorial group of the Düzce Cyclists Club was photographed on a memorial photo taken by a member of the club.

In assessing the activities performed, Büyık participated in an event organized in Düzce to raise awareness of diabetes. We collected garbage with Anitpark Square in the city park with our children. The importance of such an incident is great, he said.

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