Thursday , January 20 2022

Drunken cyclist in Giresun dumped under the police: 1 martyr 1 injured


Drunken cyclist who escaped under the police teams in Giresun, was hit by 2 police and got the road, 1 policeman was killed and 1 policeman was injured in the crash.
According to information, Giresun Bulancak district of Pazarsuyu Size Port received in the appendix of # The police are not present with the stopwatch 34 FM 4968 carwagin at the point of applying 2 policemen on the road and loss of control of & nbsp; the police for the hospital. Police in Bulancak District Police Department, despite any intervention Berçin was kept and could not be kept. Piraziz District Police Department, who served in Ferhat Live treatment, said the car was wounded in # 39; The accident was brought to the hospital to be treated.
Police officer martyred in the crash was reported to register in the population of Trabzon, an investigation was launched against the event.

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