Monday , May 17 2021

Doctor candidate was diagnosed with cancer

A 23-year-old student at a private university facsimile document from a dentist is purified to & # 39; The fight against lymphococcal cancer that had been 3 years hard.

Mahmut Durmuş, a 23-year-old student in the 1st year of dental faculty of a private university in Istanbul, received lymphoma. To be useful for her family and family, she decided to become a doctor and was diagnosed with lymphoma, also known as lymphoroscope or 3 years ago. Mahmut Durmuş dreamed of being diagnosed with the disease, the dentist of his own university, won the exam in & # 39; the exam. Mahmut Durmuş, on the other hand, struggling with his illness, to # 39; The other way began to study at university to realize his dream.

Durmuş's weak body, which set up its school, has not added the heavy wintering to the intensive exchange rate. Mahmut Durmus begins treatment in a private hospital in Umraniye last night, the situation was even more severe. He could be saved despite all the interventions.

The funeral of a young man was taken by a plane to Gaziantep. Famous car from & # 39; the funeral of & # 39; the air base, cemetery and washing operations in Bahaddin Nakıbaoğlu mosque in Gazinatep prison in his hometown in the village Besni of Adiyaman Kesmetepe. It was seen that the mother Aysel and father Bekir Durmuş and other family members had a lot of pain in Gaziantep.

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