Saturday , January 22 2022

Cesarean birth raises the Food Allergy


Ayse STAR – Turkey National Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society researched, essentially, that allergies in children were born more frequently.

Chairman of the Association Dr. Bulent Enis Şekerel, AA correspondent, Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and East Black Sea region, have 25 centers have completed a comprehensive study.

Şekerel noted that she was trying to determine the characteristics of Turkey's dietary allergies in research by identifying problems that are most advanced, he said they decided to resolve their solutions.

I am explicit that the food is evaluated in children with numbered allergies, Sugar, 80.5 percent in urban centers, 19.5 percent lived in villages and villages, he said.

Sixty-two percent of studies are men and 38 percent of & # 39; The girls are girls, they think.

"Research shows that about two-thirds of children with nutrition are born through seismic sectional agenda. Allergies are increasingly widespread in the world." Sucker, the food allergy pointed out important.

Expressing that human beings become increasingly stronger as they strive, Şekerel shuts down when the birth comes in a normal way, the baby is coming up the world by fighting.

Şekerel suggested that mothers and parents should have more in the natural environment: "We pay the price of industrialization and modernization in the amount that we have left of natural methods and natures: Allergy is one of them. " he said.

"Extreme hygienic environments increase food allergy"

Looking at the hygiene hypothesis, Şekerel said:

"The growth of children in extreme hygienic contraceptives causes allergies, asthma and food allergies Allergic illness is most common in children living in rural areas The foodstream reaction that we call an anaphylaxis in the food industry the variable tables that go from simple remnants, diarrhea, or found.

Regarding the fact that they face problems with the survival of such children, Şekerel said they are trying to make practical measures to make them better.

Food allergy, correct diagnosis and treatment is not a situation to control sugar, the good treatment with the majority of patients, he said.

"Do not eat food for allergies"

Vacation allergies must be in close cooperation with doctors and healthcare organizations. "Moms do not have to break off immediately if you can alleviate the allergy of food: For us, the nutrition is very critical for women, women and children." If you interfere with the nutrition and growth problems of children and adults. made his evaluation.

Former allergies, numbered reactions due to the temporary consumption of all non-specific food reactions, sugar, sugar, milk, crusty cookies to pulse can poison many birds, he said.

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