Monday , March 8 2021

Bloatige útfiering yn 'e taxi! Killed by a single shot

A taxi sender in Bayrampaşa was shot by a passport or a passage and killed.

According to information, the taxi driver Nihat Elçi, a passenger, took him to Bayrampasa. Elci's car had a different passport here.

After a while, the passage, which was not yet set, was released on the & # 39; s head of & # 39; the director Elçi.

He was hospitalized with an ambulance. The ambassador, despite the intervention in the hospital, could not be saved.


The moment of attack was in & # 39; Television cameras reflected in camera. If the customer in the image on the bike, the suspect is in & # 39; The back seat of the bike sit at # 39; a taxi driver in a pistol. Although the Nihat Elçi taxi station remains in the blood, the suspicious person looks at the front of the bike. Then the suspect is quick to depend on the scene of the scene.

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