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Bandit becomes no ruler of the world 184th episode trailer cuts the mecalis of those who do not leave ashes in the barbecue!

Bandit does not rule the world In the last chapter; Explanation to Alparslan that it would be possible to recover from the paralysis situation if a successful operation was performed and supported by an intensive physical therapy process, has stood at the heart of everyone like an arrow. Bandit does not rule the world 183. In the last chapter; Khidr, gnawing inward, began to feel desperate by saying that Alparslan was the main culprit of the terrible disaster in which he was dragged and that he unconsciously gave way to such an end.

Transmission that will cause a flood in the Osman establishment! The arrival of the master player will maximize the pulses

Great move by Engin Altan who will be playing in Barbaros! He will put it in the opposite corner with his surprise project

While Hızır orders that the traitors be sought after the pain of the vain murder against Alparslan, who is fighting for life and death in the hospital, the bandit will not be the ruler of the world expected to be part of the 184th episode. Filled with a sense of revenge, Ilyas tried to scan the place they quickly discovered, while Ilyas, who had won the risky post-operative life struggle and was not yet aware that he was paralyzed, could not move and felt nothing, and the bandit would not be the ruler of the world.? The latest developments in the series where Hızır, whose large-scale conspiracy was being prepared, was arrested after a large quantity of drugs was discovered in his car and brought to the center by narcotics teams …

Innocent Apartment 24th episode trailer The creepy thing he could not fit into his logic! Shaking hands and feet

The stage that does not break the KURTLAR VALLEY in the EŞKIYA does not dominate the world!


The wanted faces of television screens like Oktay Kaynarca (Hızır Çakırbeyli), Sanem Çelik (Ceylan Çakırbeyli), Yunus Emre Yıldırımer (Alparslan Çakırbeyli), Yalçın Hafızoğlu (Hızır Ali) and Hızır Ali scenes where the action was not interrupted Tuesday night. Bandit will not rule the world The trailer for the 184th episode is not yet on the screen …

Once Upon a Time Çukurova 85th episode trailer: ” Disaster is inevitable! ” Scandals arose one after the other …

EŞKIYA does not dominate the world when section 184 is published?

Written by Raci Şaşmaz, Bahadır Özdener and Berna Aruz and produced by Onur Tan, Baran Özçaylan and Zübeyr Şaşmaz for a total of six seasons, the Bandit Will Not Rule the World With its 184th episode, the audience will be hosting on Tuesday, March 2 at 8pm.

Miracle Doctor 51. Trailer part 2: ‘He made a sweet smile on his face!’ It’s a cure for your problems.

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