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Back Streets 497th trailer of & # 39; The background is in & # 39; the sky: weapons are up!


The backbone of the backbone 496, which has a name for each period has made with its high ratings on & # 39; Channel D screens and life passes through its full speed, went to the public after the developments that followed by foodstuffs. Backgrounds in the last paragraph; His daughter's preacher was expected by unknown people, while Zeyno of # 39; the school would seek, Pınar tried to move to combine their children together, although they did not succeed. Soon after his father, Ali, in great anxiety and panic, reported the situation, picked up the police teams in the name of liberating Pınar of masked men. Besides, the Rıza Stewardess received the news of his grandson, and after a sudden heart attack and hospitalization, the back street of 49 Street was executed without sleeping a very wide audience. So, after the mesut against the person he knew the head responsible of this traumatic plot that published the backs of Back Streets 497?


The Back Streets 497th episode, which has been seen as a pure attention, was broadcast on Channel D screens.

background the last paragraph

Why do you need to be published in law?

The main roles of Zafer Ergin, Şevket Çoruh and Özgür Ozan will be announced on Friday, November 30th at 20:00.

back street part 497. trailer

Where are the backlash in the last chapter?

Backgrounds in the last paragraph; Pinar goes to Zeyno from the school. Meanwhile earned masculine men Zeyno. Pınar tries to save her children in herbs; You can, however, do nothing. He calls Ali in a panic. As Rıza Baba learns that her grandson is deceased, she learns a heart attack and is immediately brought to hospital. Zeyno begins to faint. Footage from a small girl from the village home, sent to the team. As Ali looks at the image, he has a nervous injury. Wa 't Zeyn kidnapped wants weapons.

straight streets

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