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At the last minute … Ministry of Defense: I wanted 25 soldiers wounded, 7 soldiers.


According to the first information, the Department of Defense reported an accident in the Kikari base area, which was evaluated as the result of the ammunition.

According to a statement from the DoD, information about the accident occurred in the Kikari base area.

The bill reads:

Ministry of National Defense: 25 injured and 7 soldiers

"In Hakki, an accident occurred in our base area, which was thought to be caused by heavy-duty ammunition at the time of the shooting, and 25 of heroic shooting injuries were evacuated to the hospital and treatment was started."

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Government Description

After the accident, Hakkari Governorate stated in our statement on November 9, 2010 that our soldier was wounded in the explosion at the ammunition of Şemberli district Ortaklar Süngü Tepe Üs Region. He said.

Ministry of National Defense: 25 injured and 7 soldiers

In a second statement, Governor Idris Akbiyik Hakari visited injured soldiers at Yuksekova and Hakkari State Hospitals.

Do not publish

The Peace Attorney General decided to ban publications at the request of an explosion in the base area of ​​ng.

In the first case of the criminal court, the decision was made to highlight the earth's earth, which occurred in the area of ​​the artillery battery explosion incident at the base of Süngü peak.

The recorded image media and various misleading information and images of Internet media published in the recorded decision are as follows:
"This situation does not interfere with the sound performance of investigations that are not adversely affected by society, events, public order and safety, taking into account public order and safety in accordance with Article 3, paragraph 2. All kinds of news, interviews, criticism , According to the publication of the publication of the request for the publication of the law, such as the law, and according to the decision to accept the request of the chief prosecutor's office in accordance with the law.

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