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Aslı Enver Murat Boz again? | The last minute made Murat Boz Asli Enver peace Who right? | View Murat's Full Profile


Aslı Enver and Murat Boz joined? The couple, who had been told her love, decided to break for a while. In the news of the agenda of the famous couple Asli Enver and Murat Boz peace. The separation of the famous couple was ultimately the intervention of her friends. well Aslı Enver and Murat Boz joined? Why the details …

According to the news of Kelebek; A few news comes to the forefront of # 39; the intervention of binary, in & # 39; the end of 'good', be it.

Asli Enver and Murat Boz, begun to interrogate his close friends, called the relationship in the last days and officially made peace.

It is also under the news that this news feels the immediate environment and its families.


Turkish singer, songwriter and actress. After his primary and secondary education in Karadeniz Ereğli, Zonguldak, he moved to Istanbul. He studied at the University of Istanbul Bilgi in 1999 and pursued his education at Istanbul Technical University. In the same years he worked as a singer for many singers, especially Tarkan.

Boz began his solo career in 2006 with his single "Aşk" and "Bulamam Ben". The following year, Maximum set her first studio album, Maximum, and won a lot of prizes in praise of her performances. He set up his career with Şans (2009), Aşklarım Büyük Benden (2011) and Janti (2016). This album in one of the "Maximum", "Rock", "No Money", "Miss", "Rocking Rocking" and "Youself wrote the name" songs, Turkey showed the top five successes in # 39; The official list of "Return Olsa", "Not a Friend" and "Janti" is on top. In addition to her musical career she focused on acting career in 2014 and appeared in an important leadership role.

Murat Boz can play the piano, violin, drum and play. He is one of the four jurors Voice of Turkey is a member of the jury and the winner of the first season of the program. His prizes are four Golden Butterfly Awards and two King Music Awards.


Boz, Turkey's Black Sea Province Zonguldak Ereğli district, March 7, 1980, Helen Nedret called Ali and Jafar pair of gray that was born as second child to the first child. After completing his primary and secondary education in this neighborhood, his mother focused on music competitions and presented him to go to the whole school of best arts. In 1998 he became the winner of the Inter-High School Music and Folk Dance Contest organized by Milliyet Newspaper. After completing this school, he began the Technical Independence of Turkey in Moscow State Conservatory.

Boz began to create Sang-money in early 2000s and first worked as a singer of Emel Müftüoğlu. As a singer he worked with Tarkan. Tarkan & # 39; six six years as a singer. In 2004 played Nil Karaibrahimgil Nil FM (2004) album "Bronzlaşmak" in the clip of the song. .


Murat Boz, the third album in the summer of 2010, can be the first to express. Later in the same year, it was learned that the preparations for his new album remain in London. In April 2011, the album was released as single with the same name and was accompanied by a video by Burak Ertaş. When it came in May 2011, the third album was released with the label. This album sells more than 35,000 copies; He won the prize in the category of Ol En Has Album "by Kadir Has University." The videos of "Puzel" and "Lastname" are also published, which are the "Return Olsen" and " I can not stay friends, "Nielsen prepared by Boz Turkey in autumnu.2012 in the Official List, Gold Butterfly Award for the Best Turkish Pop Music Male vocalist prize from King Music Awards Best Male Artist prize he won.

On August 14, 2012, the singer released her first remix album, Dance Mix, with nine Nine Music tags. No, I added it to the playlist. Miss is in the "Album" and "Back Again", "Remix 2013 Turkey Music Award for the Best Remix category of prizes on the same day that kazandı.albü's run The German Beieren state on October 10, 2008 with who he married Eliza Sakuçoğl in the city of Passau, Turkey with Diyarbakir in boşandı.2013 or negotiated in the district of Hazro of # 39; the province Oguz Berkay Fidan exit song "will not" even happened as a song with singer and self "abandonment I" song introduction Doğan Music hit with Company label it is also worth seeing. In July 2013 he has announced that he works on his new album. In July 2014 he developed eight years of his favorite Elizabeth Sakuçoğlu.


In January 2016, Brahim Benim (My Brothers My Movie), a movie about Burak Ozcivit and Asli Enver, was released. Exit left the same name with the album number one in Turkey, while the second clip "know the name that your input" up number two. In December, Irem Sak and Yasemin Allen shared the lead role of Dönerse Senindir.


Turkish Cypriots with a father, a mother from Turkey to London for second child education was born or in London. Asli lived in London until 12 years of age Anwar later graduated with his family to Turkey. The country's country changed due to the confession of the period in which his mother started in Müjdat Ferhat Arts Center under the guidance belirtmiştir.per from the Fine Arts School and Halic University of Theater Department. At the beginning of his career he took a two-minute role on a sit-com program on TRT, and later in a short film Mirror.[kaynak belirtilmeli] He appeared in the boy's drama Kavak Yelleri, broadcast in Channel D, or my Ergun. Previously played in the series Life Science, Enver played the character of Ahu in & # 39; the Suskunlar series. Then Özlem Albayrak gave his life to the character in the Lost Series that the production finished for Canal D 2013 season. He then played the leading role in Hicran The series No Me. In 2015 he played the lead in the series of Mutlu Ol Yeter. He played Emma in & # 39; the actors who he played. My brother Released in 2016 I call that play Zeynep character in the movie Anwar, who will start broadcasting in February 2016 winter sun through location almıştır.ayrı in April character called array O Audio Turkey Christmas Special 2016 Harness SAĞIROĞLU's Albanian stand is song it seslendirmiştir Anver is a Istanbul bride and an actress, Enver, with Özcan Deniz.

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