Tuesday , January 18 2022

Aqsa and Manisa natural gas plants closed


Aksa Energy has requested EMRA to revoke production licenses for its 115 megawatts Manisa natural gas power plant.

The company said in a statement on its vessel, "The competitive price in power production has provided the high margin of Turkey's border and the dollar has been planned to be used abroad for potential projects to return to overseas based, realizing the potential of reducing the power plant" He said.

It started in 2008.

In order to meet the energy needs of the activity started in 2008 at Mani's industrial center, Mani natural gas combined thermal power plant, the first gas was established in Turkey and driven the combined thermal power santraliy. The plant started to operate in a simple cycle and in 2009 a complex transformation was completed. The plant produced a total installed capacity of 115 MW with 12 8.7 MW Wartsila 20V34SG gas engines, 12 Aalborg boilers and 10.5 Dresser-Rand steam turbines.

African countries

Aksa Energy CEO Cüneyt Uygun announced that the Aksa Manisa natural gas power plant plans to bring energy overseas. Eligible plans to re-establish power plants in other markets suitable for profitable operations, and no countries have yet been identified. There may be appropriate markets in African countries or other continents.

The power plant can not be operated.

Cuneyt said that the staff efficiency of the Turkish natural gas plant and the most advanced technology still can not run 60% to 61% desired profitability. The efficiency of the Aksa Manisa natural gas plant is 60% lower than that of Cüneyt Uygun. "You can not make the current situation a profitable business," he said.

There are three power plants.

Previously, Aksa Energy closed down its power plants operated by low-efficiency natural gas and fuel oil and moved them overseas. The company currently has three power plants in Madagascar, Ghana and Mali. Aksa Energy reserves the right to sell the electricity produced by the power plant to the companies in the countries concerned at a guaranteed price. This power plant contributes positively to foreign exchange earnings on AKSA Energy's balance sheet.

IT such as ALARKO

Alarko Holding announced last week that Altek Alarko, a subsidiary of Kırklareli, will not produce electricity for one year due to economic reasons in Kırklareli's natural gas combined-cycle power plant. Alarko Holding's statement to KAP said it will not have a significant impact on the company's operating results.

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