Tuesday , September 27 2022

Another sad news for Esra Kazancıbaşı after Rasim Öztekin


Rasim Öztekin’s wife, Esra Kazancıbaşı, was shocked by another loss after 7 months. 7 months after the master’s death, his wife Esra Kazancıbaşı and her German shepherd dog Diego died.

Theater artist Rasim Öztekin died at the hospital after being taken after a heart attack on March 8.

“My son was an angel today”

Esra Kazancıbaşı, with whom Öztekin came into her life in 2005, wrote an emotional message on her Instagram account, announcing Diego’s death:

“My son Diego became an angel today. When I sent him to his father in the air, I held his hands, smelled and whispered my love in his ear.

First the man I love … Then my son, my Diego … My loved ones with trembling, those I see with my eyes … My people who love me unconditionally and sincerely … They pass one after the other away. 20 years with the man I love, about 14 years with our son Diego …. Thus came an end to the best years of my life, a fairy tale period full of love, affection and peace. The story is over. Now is the time to live with longing and grow with pain.

Farewell is difficult. Diego has always been with me since the first day we said goodbye to his father. With his olive waves watching me lovingly, he healed my aching heart, he did not even leave my side for a moment. And I did my best not to make him feel his father’s absence.

My dear son, my Diego; Thank you so much for the sincere love and friendship you have given our family for almost 14 years and for giving me the feeling of being the mother of a dog. Many friends and relatives who have a fear of dogs have learned to approach and love a dog with you and overcome their phobias.

He is so smart, good-natured that most people say, ‘Is it a human or something?’ Thank you so much for being a mom to a dog with such thoughtful behavior that you say.

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