Monday , June 14 2021

Android virus can use motion sensor!

Google Play Store The way in which the malware it purchased on Google convinces its security measures very well. Google & # 39; s recently security For testing, the Android virus is detected by the possible sensor.

The Android virus that uses the motorhome makes danger!

Android virus with engine sensor 2

Trend Micro The diseases identified by the security researchers are working in the web, especially written to survive the security method of Google.

Scarce software that checks whether the potential sensors are working, whether the values ​​are normal or not, understand that they work on a real operating system.

as virus, If the sensor confirms that the operating system belongs to a real user, activates itself and starts answering banking applications.

Google & # 39; s test environment because of the sensor itself does not activate the virus, so Google manages.

Currency Converter and the battery power applications, GoogleNo replacement Google Play StoreRemove.

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