Sunday , December 5 2021

AK Party's three metropolitan candidates can be made known Tuesday


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today at 14:00 at Haliç Kongres Center, the AK Party; Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, including the mayor of 40 cities, would claim the candidate, but the last minute there was some rigidity and problems related to the candidates.

The AK party is not official statement, but the announcement of the announcement of # The three metropolitan candidates on a group of & # 39; e AK Party may be. What's going on What are the reasons behind this hot traffic? Here are the answers:

1- In the last group meeting, the President of Erdoğan warned the candidates for mayors and those who were not nominated, and those who did not have their places. Now there have been some problems with those who have become clear.

2. The names and requirements of some names were indicated. The President Erdogan said, I do not march with the Charter. If you accept without a conditional candidate, start work. Otherwise we will continue our paths with other names and the announcement of candidates from 3 cities metropolitan came to the agenda.

3. Some candidates have entered new status requests in the protocol and the presidency, but no formula was found.

4. They say and 24 hours a day in politics 4. Ferwounds, congestion traffic and convictions were seen in the night. Eventually, as expected, the three metropolitan cities may also be at the # 39 meeting of # 39; Golden Horns are declared, or some of the names that are reflected on the public on Tuesday may be surprisingly changing. We wait and see …


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