Thursday , June 24 2021

Acun Ilıcalı Announces Survivor 2019's 2nd Contestant

The most visited competition from & # 39; s screens started the countdown to the survivor program. Turkey's second name in the league, which announces a place in Turkey that encloses a screen from Acer Ilıcalı social media accounts.

"No worries, I trust my cousin"

Survivor Turkey – Greece's second contestant, Seman stamped on the competition in recent years Aydemir's brother Sean was in January. Seda Ocak, who is very familiar with & # 39; s job, is participating in & # 39; e competition with the slogan "I have no fear, I trust my ambition". Seda Ocak is 34 years old.


Acun Ilıcalı, the social media account Seda & nbsp; new Survivor & # 39; s second champion of the new season after announcing the withdrawal of Survivor & # 39; s shared with the supporters of the area.


Seda sent a message to Ilıcalı Acan with the news that he will participate in uncompromising competition. In the message, "Thank you Acer Ilıcalı. I was in this league you want to join in with everything from Turkey, and I am so happy to ride than in Turkey. With Allah help my friend to me and the whole team If there will be a champion he will be TURKEY! " used expressions.

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