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6 Turkish analysts expect Bitcoin price Here are the levels


The past week has once again shown how fast the landscape in the cryptocurrency markets can change. Bitcoin went in at around $ 44,000 in October after recovering from the $ 41,000 crash at the end of September. Its value began to skyrocket, and in just a few days, $ 50,000 knocked on the door. Although the first attempt failed, BTC returned to this level and broke it this time. Then, Turkish analysts shared their predictions for the leading crypto-currency that fell.

What do Turkish analysts say about Bitcoin price? As we also reported, after the pioneering cryptocurrency BTC, which started at $ 44,000, $ 50,000 in October, the bulls continued to push the asset up with their support. As a result, Bitcoin hit $ 56,000 yesterday, the highest level since mid-May. However, it failed to continue its rise and fell more than $ 2,000 in the hours that followed. As of now, Bitcoin has recovered about $ 1,000 and stands at about $ 55,000.

bitcoin price

Analysts, followed by the Krypto community in Turkey, shared their expectations during the price movements of Krypto, which ranks first with its market value. Rookie, in his tweet shared yesterday, said that if Bitcoin is $ 56,000 bigger, it will suddenly see $ 63,000.

In his tweet at night, Buğra advised Sukas his followers to be careful about weekend manipulations and to stay away from transactions with leverage. He also used the sentences “We see whale logs, let’s see” on BTC.

On the other hand, Enes Turan reiterated that $ 57,000 is a very strong resistance for Bitcoin and stressed that it is difficult for the cryptocurrency to break this level in the first move. He said it should come as no surprise if there is a decline from the $ 57,000-58,200 region to $ 51,000, which is healthy.

“There will certainly be small corrections in Bitcoin”

Another analyst who drew attention at the $ 57,000 level was Crypto Messi. According to Crypto Messi, who pointed out that this level is significantly resistant, BTC can correct here. The analyst says, “My expectation is the $ 94,000 region, as I always say, starting at $ 29,000 in the medium term.” He also says that intermediate corrections will definitely occur in BTC, and that investors should not panic in the medium term.

The King of Crypto, in a Bitcoin chart he posted yesterday, tells his followers that the withdrawals will be limited to 2-3 thousand dollars, the goal after the decline is the new all-time high (ATH) of $ 67 thousand.

Finally, in a video he recently shared, Selcoin points out that the leading cryptocurrency holdings are above $ 52,000 positive, and says that if the weekly close is above 52,000, the new resistance will be seen at $ 58,500.

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