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2500-year-old ceramic from the historical Roman theater


Through Antigonius Monofthalmos, one of the commanders of # a Macedonian king Alexander the Great. Retrieved 316, Bithynia, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilization still runs the traces of today in Bursa's Iznik district almost all corners of history are busy.

According to the UAV is the theater, which has been sponsored by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the last 3 years, one of the most beautiful monuments of # 39; the Roman period.

Because of upgrading the chaise was built on a flat area in the architecture of the only example of the theater in Turkey, MS. In the second century, the Roman Emperor Trajanus was appointed by the historian and writer Pliny the governor of Bithynia.

The theater, which has a period of gladiatorial fields, was used as a religious area after the conquest of the theater to Christianity. 358, 362 and 368 years of great earthquakes are harmful and repaired theater, was defended to defend Iznik, the pieces which were removed from the theater were used to strengthen the walls.


With the consent of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the excavations in the Iznik theater were intensified in 1980 by Bedri Yalman, who was then expert in the Bursa Museum. The facade was excavated.

As a result of the introduction of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, important findings were obtained in a team led by the Department of Archeology at the University of Doku Eylül. Archeological Department Dokud Eylul University Assoc. Aygün Ekin Meriç evaluated the 2018 excavation period. With the evidence that they achieved very important results at the excavations of the Iznik Roman theater, Meriç said: "We know that the Roman theater was made in the 2nd century, but we found foundations of 'Ion Colonization period until the 6th century BC This is very important. In other words, the existence of life was established before the theater was made


Please note that the other important data they have been identified in this excavation are related to the height of the theater. Dr. Meriç said, ı In the foundation excavations we found the points with the third floor of the theater. It was discovered that the theater is not a two-story building, but a 3-tall building. We reached the base of 28 elephants with the third floor. The colonnade galleries for the theater were also multi-faceted. The excavations of the theater came to a great extent. The following excavated are told next year and the restoration will start. The theater shows us a great history of Iznik. This historic Iznik history will be seen by the theater trying to control the theater

Assoc Merik, 3 thousand years in the theater area of ​​such a 1000 cubic meter (1600 tons) of land has been evaporated, in the air, the needle shakes light on & nbsp; the story of illumination light, he adds.

IZNIK in the UNESCO road

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas has also made it clear that Iznik has a very important value not only for Muslims, but also for the Christian world. Mayor Aktaş stated that they spent their work on excavation, restoration and landscape in Iznik as Metropolitan Municipality of İz. One of the most important works in Iznik is the Roman theater. Here, with the support of our Metropolitan Municipality, put excavations for three years. This anniversary is in the 2nd century AD. After the 2nd century BC, is a history back to the 6th century BC. Kr. Previously it was understood that the building was a 3-teater building with weights. I hope to start the rest of the next year. I like to thank our experts who contributed to the excavated work


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