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13 benefits of drinking a glass of lemon water every day! – Health and nutrition news


Drinking water for a day and drinking a glass of lemon water gives your body 13 changes.

1-calorie combustion

Fitness experts say that drinking a glass of lemon juice a day can burn an extra 100 calories.

2 – Promoting fat burning

Studies have shown that drinking water promotes fat burning. Lemon water is recommended for people who want to further accelerate fat burning.

3- Prevention of cardiovascular disorders

Lemon is rich in potassium. The effect of potassium on heart and muscle is known to everyone and tension is balanced.
Lemon, an antioxidant found in cardiovascular disease, claims prevention.

4 – Strengthen the nervous system

Lemon reduces the risk of getting a cold. Lemon hot water is said to be good for cold. Prevent edema of the nose and throat by the sterilization function of lemon.

Prevent kidney stone formation.

As kidney concentration increases, kidney stones are formed. Citric acid, which increases urine and pH values, prevents kidney stones from forming.

Studies have shown that people who previously lowered kidney stones drink 100 ml of lemon water a day, kidney stones do not recur.

6- Prevention of iron deficiency

If there is not enough iron in the food to eat, iron deficiency will occur. Lemons are found in iron and increase the absorption of iron in food.

7- Cancer risk reduction

In one study, fruit and vegetable weight diets prevented some types of cancer. Research has shown that citrus is in front of cancer, though not yet proven.

8-bad breath

You can get rid of divorce by smelling breath. It is said that brushing with llimon water has a bad smell due to citric acid.

9-Digestion Enhancement

Carbohydrates form one tenth of lemons. The most common fiber of lemon is pectin. This easily soluble fiber is good for your health and controls your digestion.

In order to benefit from the lime fiber, it is also necessary to consume the shell. The best way is to fry the lemon in half and boil it in water and drink it in warm water.

10-Cholesterol reduction

Studies on lemon, diosmin and hesperidin have been shown to reduce cholesterol.

11-Inflammation prevention

Lemon ascorbic acid prevents inflammation. Hot lemon drinks are drinks that prevent colds.

The 12-

Lemon protects collagen. As you get older, wrinkles occur when collagen falls.

13-Tooth whitening

Place the mixture of lemon juice and carbonic acid in the tooth for one minute so that the teeth have the whiter teeth.

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