Sunday , April 18 2021

Upper Thai powerful! The department of meteorology shows cold winds Bangkok gets cool air, the temperature decreases 3 degrees.

The cold wine has arrived! The meteorology department discovered north-east cold after cold Suggest public health Identify the lower Gulf of Thailand, high wells, 7 days weather forecast, top 5 degrees, Bangkok, 3 degrees.

Department of Meteorology / On 23 January Meteorological department Weather – Agrarwetter North and Northeast parts are cold to cold, while Central and East are cool with morning mist. People in the top Thailand should pay attention to their health due to the changing weather impacts. For the lower Gulf of Thailand, venture 2 meters. All ships must proceed with caution.

Major meteorological characteristics The previously intense high-pressure area in China is located above Thailand and the South China Sea. This character causes the area to stay in common cold. For the northeastern mouths it comes across the Gulf of Thailand and the south is moderated. The wait in the Gulf of Thailand is about 2 meters high.

Weather forecast for ThailandFrom 06:00 till 06:00 hours on 24 January North Cold to cold weather – Agrarian water Minimum temperature 13-21 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 28-33 degrees Celsius. For the mountainous areas cold to cold with frost on some areas. Mint temperature 3-10 C, southern wind 10-25 km / h.

Northeast Cold to cold With morning Mint temperature is 13-19 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 28-33 degrees Celsius for cold winds. Minimum temperatures 9-12 oC. North-eastern wind 15-35 km / hr.

Central region Cool in the morning Tomorrow morning temperature is 21-23 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature is 32-34 degrees Celsius. Northeasterly Wines 15-30 km / hr.

East Cool in the morning With morning mist Minute temperature 19-24 C. Maximum temperature 32-35 C. North-eastern wind 15-35 km / hr. Height height about 1 meter and 1-2 meter coast.

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South (East Coast) Wetter – Agrarwetter With 10% maintenance in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla and Narathiwat provinces. Temperatures 21-25 ° C, maximum temperatures 30-32 ° C.

From Surat Thani province Northeasterly winds 15-35 km / hr. Highway 1-2 meters Wellehichte down 2 meters from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Easterlywyns 20-35 km / hr. About 2 meters high

South Region (West Coast) Weather – Agriculture With thunderbolt and isolated thunder holders mostly in Krabi, Trang and Satun provinces Minimum temperature 23-25 ​​C, maximum temperature 33-34 C. Northeasterly wine 15-30 km / hr. 1 meter, 1-2 meters in great area

Bangkok and its surroundings Weather – Winter temperature 22-24 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 33-34 degrees Celsius. Northeasterly Wines 15-30 km / hr.

For the next 7 days true Between 22-28 January 2019, anticipation January 22-25, 62, the top Thailand will be colder with wind. A temperature of 2-5 degrees Celsius fell There will be more rain for the south. The lower Gulf of Thailand is about 2 meters high. January 26-28, 2019, above Thailand There will be a low increase in morning nut. Outside the North Northeast Still cold in the morning

There is less rain in the south. And the sea in the lower Gulf of Thailand still has a world height of about 2 meters. Asking people to care for changing weather and asking seafarers in the Gulf of Thailand and saving the Andaman Sea in & # 39; e navigation

While Bangkok and its surroundings During 23-25 ​​Jan 62, cool, 1-3 oC drops, minimum temperatures 21-24 oC, maximum temperatures 30-33 oC. Northeasterly Wines 15-30 km / hr. .

During 26-28 Jan 62, to be missed tomorrow morning. And the temperature will be higher in the mean temperature of 22-25 C, maximum temperature 32-34 C. Northeasterly winds 10-30 km / hr.

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