Thursday , August 11 2022

UNICEF launches UNICEF mission in Kenya


A person with a chance. At a press conference at UNICEF Young Peak's Blue Carpet Show, we announced our experience of Kenya missions at a press conference to attend the UNICEF Blue Carpet Show in Kenya for the latest pop singer. The episode was better prepared to get sick. She often goes home at the beginning of the hospital. The doctor invited you to exercise. Eat scary obesity after weight gain.

What is UNICEF's mission in Kenya?

"In fact, in the development of public health, he is also very poor." Compared to other developed countries, our country has fundamentally developed what vaccines are. As a result, children are suffering from many diseases and the most common diseases are malnutrition. He did not eat any food, so he took first place, I eat two meals a day and two meals, but most of them eat a meal I will eat it, he is malnourished by malnutrition, and it is worse to think about. There were more than 1 million children and I went to the slums. I will use the word "ghetto." Kenya's biggest slum is Kibara (kibbara) .The quality of life is not good.It stinks.You took pictures to Thai people And the whole world saw his day he must live. "

How did you come back to our bodies?

"We were a bit tired, because we just finished our trip in the US, Thailand did not change the time zone, it was embarrassing to fly to Kenya, and another week, we can see from the clip that we are tired and tired. I did not fall asleep and wake up in the morning I am happy and proud to be happy and proud of UNICEF It is not easy to travel with it but everything is perfect.

Please donate our fan club this time too.

"Yes, on the day of departure, the fans are welcomed and encouraged. Going to Mission I and my girlfriend donated a Photobook donation to UNICEF at 50,000 Baht to support and support the UNICEF project. And on my mission.I have fans to help raise money.Please donate to UNICEF with the message.A million people are sharing happiness.With children around the world. "

Ask about our bottle. Did you know you were sick after returning from Kenya?

"There is no comfort, it is a regular person, because it works very hard, and we go to a somewhat difficult place, and do not eat the food we usually eat. We have to eat safe food, and we have to eat sandwiches every day, but we should not eat vegetables, good food, and fast food, so we want to spend every moment. I fly in order not to eat good, but eat with sandwiches and with hot air.If the dust increases, it will rain and germs.Go back to the sick.Aidas before the trip.I have 3 vaccines, It does not hurt, or we'll bring us to the bottle. (Laughter) We do not have the protection and disease, we come back, we are a little tired.

Are you a frequent nurse?

(Laughter) Hospitals know us well, the hospital is like my second home, the housewife greeted me when I met him, it was like my room, Thank you for visiting a nurse because you know all the time. "

How often do you visit the hospital?

"Sometimes, twice a month, we go to an uncomfortable world. Then check out the vitamin supplements.

Do you want to take care of yourself to be strong enough?

"I want to do that," he says. In fact, we have a very hard time running. Look for an excuse for yourself. I do not have time to exercise, but this time I felt it started to get fat. Then the doctor told me to be careful to be a province. Cholesterol and sugar are rising. Because we eat good food, the doctor is too fat, so if the doctor tells us to hurry to work out immediately, we ask if we will try the exercise tomorrow. Before that we. I travel to the United States every morning. I do not know whether it is awake or not. There will be one generation invited to run together. Be prepared to work with UNICEF. When we ran away from Kenya, we felt okay. I think. If we did not use that range. I can not work in Kenya. Because of work there. I have to work late at night and have to get up at 6 am every day before I go shopping. We buy clothes that we can imagine. Africa must be a series of animals. Full Purchase as Indiana Jones I do not actually use my face clothes. I did not wear a UNICEF T-shirt. I want to see people at the clip I took. I am very grateful that UNICEF has entrusted this work to me. "

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