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Tik Shirou knew the scandalous news revealed that he was banned from using his last name at home | Sanook Music


Is another very talented singer who is famous and maintains quality standards since the 90’s to this day. Tick ​​Shirou When it comes to a special guest on the show Club Friday Show made by Change 2561 Refers to tell a story of life before he was successful as a singer with a name like this at home. does not support and also cuts off to the point of not using additives Ready to reveal the secret that she secretly completely loves a famous female singer. And delete the news that a wound causes in feelings, because it’s what damages your reputation.

Before I became a successful person, I realized that I did not support Tik’s singer at all.

Tick ​​Shirou: No way. because my father was in government service Mom would like to come to the field of education instead of studying. And then his dad decided he wanted me to be a lawyer. Otherwise it comes from agriculture. because my father works for the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, that is, he is even banned like … so-called family, let’s divorce them so we do not use their last names at all. Then choose to play music, tick and leave the house. At the time, I thought it was such a crisis that we were sad and crying. and then asked his father that he would only go one day. Just go help one day and then do not go. It’s like a muse, but I’m actually gone. After that day, we came back and thought that if that was the case, we would drop out of school and go back and forth. Learn a little, then play a little music.

At that time, Tap, how did you say you were a singer, what kind of music did you particularly enjoy playing ??

Tap Shirou: He’s been a drummer ever since. which we have never been to study anywhere I brought my sticks to lay the lid of Auntie’s pot. Then take a cardboard box and put it like a party and then the basin is placed Beat the rhythm of the music we open, we feel we can do it. did not study But we live often. It began to be understood that it took this form. And then, at that moment, we were already breaking learning to play music. I still make breaks from my dad about studying. Because I knew at that time that we loved music and that we loved drawing and love art. But I chose to study agriculture as if it were going to get in the way of my father. But the university opened up for applications in the field of art, so I went to the exam and it turned out that it was a 7th place and always scored very well around the 3-5th place. In our blood both music and art But when I had to choose, we thought that if art would be an artist, an artist would be like a stump? (because we were not famous at the time) but if I play music, there are at least pubs and bars where we can play to earn money and then we can have money to buy paints and brushes. Buy the equipment you need to work on the art. In my mind I always thought we should have persistence. Have patience and wait for the day when it is fully ripe, we will go to art again.

Many people never know this angle. P ‘Tik paints so seriously that there have been 19 exhibitions of this artist as a painter.

Tap Shirou: Well, it’s my determination. This one I drew when I was 25 years old. These will be the names of all the family members, namely my mother’s name is Sudjai. So I drew a heart that is the blood that feeds the family. As for my father’s name, Chavalit, I have written Chawalit’s name on it. The sisters will all be in the picture. And if you see me, there will be bicycle sandals, there will be guitar colors. The only image is to capture the entire life of everyone in my family. That was one point that made us feel poor. I once had 300 baht in my hand and spent all the money to buy all the drums.

In one aspect of being a musician, it comes with coolness. Can you imagine it being an Artist? It’s an artist in the story of love for women. Are we sour in this story?

Tick ​​Shirou: It’s natural. The driving force of a teenager is a must have. But because the driving force in the passion for music can always be greater, and in terms of art, it has that. Asked at the beginning Who comes in as a singer, do you secretly love someone? Yes, he’s a singer too. I have never advertised anywhere. for he knows it himself Because I told him, but I was excluded from his mother. Chantana Kitiyaphan Yes, the person I’m in love with is Am-Saowaluck Leelabutr Yes, when I liked him at the age of 12, I liked him from a young age. That at that time my hair was long and it seemed, ie, I must say that we grew up together, that is, during the semester break, on Saturday – Sunday, we met Mahae. We’re like kids, right? But asking if I will flirt with him is not so great. Well, children. Sometimes they are close together. It’s like a shock like lightning. That’s all. After one time, when I met Grandma Am, he said … will I know? Because I asked why you do not love me. He told us I would find out you grew up to be a famous singer. If I knew this, I would be married to myself (laughs). But we are still siblings. is that means even if they are not blood relatives But it is a close family.

asked, but then met with true love that was like fate until they actually got married

Tick ​​Shirou: Once upon a time I had the opportunity to play a concert in Germany. The pitch called, when they play directly, people are very happy. At the end of the concert I sat down and changed my life. that if he loves me, there will be many people asking for autographs holding hands, crying His love, care and admiration also disappeared with him. There were only fragments of beer bottles and cans that I sat and watched, which had never happened before. Suddenly that night this happened in my life. and if it was destined for a person to run, he is already old He said I would like to give a signature and give it to my daughter. And after a while we heard a voice calling my mom !! Now, when I came in, I remember turning to look. I will marry this person (I thought then in my mind) I remember he wore a black dress and long hair. I asked if auntie, is that auntie’s daughter? Yes, can I have your number at home? Mom gave me the number and the next day I had to go to France to play. And then I came back, I called him saying I would like to give Nong Aor. Can you help me as a guide, since I do not speak German? An impression was born. because his voice was because Ways are good. until I felt he was a special person. When he came to pick me up He parked the car in front of the shop is a BMW 323 convertible, and I drove a black BMW 525. We also love cars. doubting the same spirit (At that moment I was very sympathetic) (laughs) Then he took him to a meal in a Thai restaurant. I asked at a Thai restaurant to come into the kitchen to cook for me. Easy to make Sichuan soup It was love that took me away. That is the beginning of love. That I flirted with him because I had some time to spend with him before we divorced. Then I came back to Thailand. My mind only regrets. Falling in love without head up

Ask, before you go back to Thailand, have you ever agreed to be a lover?

Tap Shirou: I think it’s likely. Even though I said that not my friend But some things I know with my heart The definition of love is sometimes awakened with nostalgia, wanting to be close to each other all the time. When I get back, I start calling and faxing all the time, doing something, taking a shower, eating and telling the mall. It is mentioned every time you think about it. By that time, the phone bills had also disappeared for hundreds of thousands.

Q. But giving love to the world like sometimes with girls Come sit on some cloth or something. What does your wife say?

Tap Shirou: Oh my … sometimes it does. There we work both ourselves and the honorable people outside who work with me. There are even hairdressers who come by themselves and use polite words that are easy to understand. It’s coaxing. My wife came in and grabbed my collar. As far as I know, oh, what a person he is, he brought him home.

Really, P ‘Tik is not the one who flirts, right?

Tap Shirou: Actually, every man should have one. It is natural, because now the number of women is more than the number of men in Thailand. What he’s looking for must be a fight. We must admit that we are public. And our loved ones who love us, sometimes some people will be a little boring and a little sexy, like they kick the ball to score goals or something, but if it’s the second time, it’s good. show property

But in the past there was a current news that love is broken or not. Is the bed broken or not? I want P ‘Tik to talk about the events that happened during this period. Here to understand the same

Tick ​​Shirou: I’m very surprised. how it happened We also maintain the status and retain good things. Some things can be taken as a good example. Love that cares for each other. What about that? is true love Now there’s a new song new album coming out of A record label and then this one came out just a few days ago. Get out points !! Tell me about the gardener, right? I can tell you right here that all 3 of my houses do not have gardens. And then I have no gardener. I do not know what anyone would think. And then I let myself take a DNA test. People were even angry with me, why were the kids involved? You must be my child because I copied it, right? (Laughs) I think this is news. Want to make jealousy or a rift Or do you want to do it out of revenge? Ask if I have such enemies, I’m not sure. how it happened But it’s good because my friends and seniors in the sector gave me the opportunity to speak. Many times I talked to Oh, and then I talked to the kids. Chame and Yayee Yes, because Chemee is becoming an artist in the camp. flying dolphin Mine too, so it has already had an impact. I have not called my father yet. for he must think My mother had to think The day this story came out I was not sure who would benefit. But it made the family setting I love. Especially my parents who were happy with my success would suffer as well. I think it’s hard for people to recognize me for the good aspects I’ve gathered, but people remember more of the bad. Asked if we were both angry. Oh and I was angry because it was ringworm that would destroy our history that many people remember this nonsense. What I think if you would come to me like that again I would probably not agree.

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