Saturday , December 4 2021

The Samsung Galaxy A9 is the first smartphone of the world with 4 cameras.


The Samsung Galaxy A9 is now available from Malaysia. The first smartphone in the world that comes with 4 cameras after today, is a special continuity with beautiful photo & # 39; s. Let us set a great deal. By skipping in full mode.

Samsung Galaxy A9 has 4 cameras, including a wide-angle lens. Camera Lens Zoom 24MP standard resolution camera and pre-school camera clad to melt.

After knowing of 4 cameras of & # 39; s; and the Samsung Galaxy A9 to look better. (Samsung Galaxy A9 can open the name of the watermark, there are some photos only open and in the test, it will close all the watermarks.)

Wide-angle lens modes

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Auto mode in low light

How to do this for a photo that is left to leave a problem after a day full of & # 39; impressed that the Samsung Galaxy A9 very much.

Ultimately, with the promotion of Samsung Galaxy A9, available in 3 colors: Black Caviar, Blue Lemonade and Pink Bubble Gum. Price 19,990 baht Get FREE! Fast Charge Battery Pack 10000mAh Battery Guarantee 1 Year Knife. 0% interest for 10 months And special promo. Can be used to replace old.Redemption Samsung Galaxy A9 Has since 23 November – 31 December 2561 Only by Samsung Brand Shop and participating merchants. More details

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