Monday , November 29 2021

The Medical Association of Thailand gave the Diabetes Association of Thailand.


Bangkok – 22 Nov – The Association of Thailand

The Thailand association established the Diabetes Association of Thailand to launch the "Temporary DM-friends-diabetes association: TDF" campaign to learn Thai people. Free diabetes.

The Smart Association of Diabetes-Educators and the Diabetes Association of Thailand launches "Temporary DM-Friendly Diabetes Relief: TDF" as a center for consultants. Knowledge board improves reason. And abolish the standard of care. And expand access to diabetes treatment. Sustainable Sustainable Health

Thai DM friends: TDF has officially launched this Diabetes Care Group. Under the supervision and supervision of the Thai Medical Association. Diabetes Association of Thailand And the International Diabetes Federation The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) recognizes the importance of managing awareness. Dare to make awareness of diabetes. And with the worries of health of # 39; The Thai people with diabetes are more and more current. And still the preparation is elevated. It is a risk factor for other disease followed by diabetes. The start of this. The purpose is to consult a center of information, to change important information and knowledge about diabetes with family or caregivers. It also increases the standard of care. And expand access to diabetes treatment. Danish DM-friends: TDF is supported by the Danish DM friends. AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. under the Action Early Action in Diabetes Thailand (EAiD) project, a global collaborative task to support and promote people in the world. The Thai people are aware of the effects of & # 39; diabetes. To be protected And treat it well to avoid cognition. Will happen 2 "

Thai DM friends: TDF is part of the project. The Patient Support Groups (PSG) consists of 7 subgroups: 1) Diabetes 2) Cancer patients 3) Chronic renal failure patients 4) COPD patients 5) 6) Older and 7) Bi-polar patients 7 groups are important groups of doctors, counselors, representatives of the Medical Association and the Medical Association. In related fields, patient representatives and patients of patients. The purpose is to make awareness of various diseases. During the execution of the project. It also provides toddlers and families with care. Share your knowledge of other patients and caregivers. To understand the disease. And maintenance Includes awareness of the medical process to the public. The project duration is 2 years (2561 – 2562) 1 "Prof. Dr. Ronanai has added.

Prof. Dr. Wannee Nithananant, president of Thailand's Diabetes Association, said: "Temporary adults with diabetes have reached 4.8 million people and many complications later, every year, around the world, people die from diabetes. Together, more than 5 million people and 415 million learn from diabetes are diagnosed and only 50% diagnosed, and the number of people with diabetes increases to 642 million in the world until 2040. For Thailand In 2014, the number of patients was 8.9% or 4.8 million people higher than in 2009, 6.9% or 3.3 million people. Is it important? There are 2 million Thai & 39 There are 7.7 million people in the case of diabetes. According to statistics in 2015, diabetes was found in women as men and two in five women with diabetes. In reproductive age (or 60 million people worldwide), the Internatio Diabetes Federation The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that 20.9 million people or 16.2% of pregnant women are 85.1% of people dying; have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and 7.4% of other types of diabetes diagnosed in severity, have taken one to seven children's books that have been born to a diabetic mother. Pregnant and older women have had a lot of blood sugar. "3"

"In addition, the association of diabetes in Thailand is to develop and mobilize network partners in all sectors Diabetes Club in Thailand Since 2014 to link the existing diabetes association and to go with regional hospitals to establish a diabetes club, rise and join the full club. "Diabetes Club" to develop, maintain and control diabetes The whole country above and to integrate the network's voice to the international medical association with the Association of Diabetes The top 10 leaders were chosen from # 39 The International Diabetes Federation (IDF), under the supervision and guidance of medical advice from various agencies, said the "Diabetes Network" in Thailand. Dr. Wannee.

"Patient Support Groups (PSG) are one of the initiatives inspired by and introduced by the Patient Support Groups by the Medical Association, which was very successful in the Medical Association. 100 years, which is supported by many matriarchs, one of them is Prof. Somsri Poonsawat, director of the Medical Association of Thailand, under the Royal Patronage He is also the first woman to establish the position of chairman of the Medical Association, and no woman has so far held that position. "

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