Friday , April 23 2021

The "Dark Line Insurance" page provided a photo explaining that the insurance company canceled the customer relationship.

"Dark Insurance" site brings information from an OIC to explain the drama to a girl in the vicinity places the insurance company contract. It was found that the insurance policy could not handle the replacement of the insurance credit.

Of a case of a girl being threatened by a famous life traffic. Which causes the girl whether the insurance is frequently taken In addition, the company also sent documents to the doctor to allow the patient to leave the hospital. Made netises criticized Ayub Ready to advise a complaint with the authorities concerned

However, on January 21, "Dark Insurance" page made a photo agency Bureau of Insurance Commission (OIC) in a category of press announcements for consumers At one point, he stated

"In order to perceive health insurance annually In general, insurance companies may be required to renew the health insurance contract in two cases: 1. There is an unusual high demand for requests, such as higher claims for unreasonable reasons"

Puzzled girl! The insurance company sends a letter asking you to cancel the contract. Reasons for frequent insurance claims

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