Thursday , January 20 2022

Thai Rice Grows – Jasmine Rice


The wife Anchana Trachoj, deputy secretary general of the Agricultural Economy Office, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, revealed that the area of ​​Agricultural Economics 7 Chai Nat (NC 7) has the implementation and success of the # Check the group. In Tung Wat Singh Agricultural Cooperative Wat Sing District Chai Nat A cooperative whose primary goal is to maintain quality. Conserve local travel not to lose. It has encouraged members to cultivate white rice. And ensure a minimum price of 10,000 baht everyone.

At present, there are 22 members of the cooperative working with the plantation area of ​​233 rai. The cost of producing white rice in & # 39; The province of Chainat is 2,787 Baht / Rai, 379 kg / rai.

IE7 Director added that the cooperative group also designed travel and brown travel packages. Natural materials such as paper trees and water hyacinths are available on different occasions. The price of rice is sold as fraudulent. The price is 35 kg / kg without faucet 30 baht / kg. Rice is sold in chocolate for about 28 baht / kg.

Currently, the production of Jat Chain Chai Nat rice. There is not enough market use. Due to the 120-day-old rice, the travelers who want to turn a farm twice to other short-lived empires.

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